Designs on Zip Hoodies

Wooters who have bought a zip hoodie: How good or bad do the designs look being cut in half by the zipper? I have a killer rabbit one, but the main design is on the back. I’ve been keeping an eye out for another hoodie, but I’m worried that the zipper messes up the design. TY

That’s been my hesitation too, thus I have yet to purchase any. I also get a feeling of disrespect to the artist too, what with basically ripping the design in half and all.

i have a zip hoodie of some freaky ginormous panda stomping on a city silhouette, and it too was printed onna back. perhaps woot intentionally prints onna back to avoid ripping a design in two? has there been a zippered woot garment with the design printed on the zipper side?

The new zip hoodie offerings are printed on the front.

another thing that amazon has messed up at woot! darn you, amazon! DARN YOU TO HECK!

They’re all on the zipper side which is unfortunate

Has anyone out there bought one of the front-design hoodies? How’s the design look?

I’ve bought one. The design printed really well. No gaps or white spaces. And I’ve already washed it 2 or 3 times, and it’s holding up great. Very happy with my purchase.