Did you eat breakfast today?

Did you eat breakfast today?

Yes…and I’ve been at work since 7:15!

I haven’t. Isn’t that sad of me? Jeez lol. I need to do better about that

Yep! Did you?

yes but it wasn’t very good :frowning_face:

I may have eaten a frozen burrito. Well, I heated it up first. More or less.

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I eat breakfast every day, but on a work day I usually don’t get around to having it until 2 - 3 hours AFTER I get to work!

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Gotta win that race. Lemonade that cool refreshing drink.

Of course. Breakfast of champions: --Veggie omelette. Though I wanted donuts.

Question: If I had leftover pizza at 8AM, just before my first class, and just had breakfast for dinner (at 7:30PM)… is that:
A) No
B) Yes, but only in the morning
C) Yes, but only in the evening
D) Twice today

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Nope was on the road driving all day. Finally laying down in bed and rocking the game to try to win something… and no luck.

I try not to skip breakfast because otherwise, I will feel bad all day. I try to eat more complex carbs so that I have enough energy to last longer. Today it was toast with peanut butter and milk.

Yes. Had a boiled egg with a generic mountain dew.

A double-sized tankard of double-caffeinated coffee. :crazy_face: Does that count? :thinking: