Digital Crap on the App


I won. I won. I was actually shocked. Now to be disappointed


Thanks, you answered my question


I won today and it gave me the opportunity to purchase a shirt. Yet I tapped on it and it never let me earn it :frowning:
Even took a pic. of it


Hello there. I’m sorry about that. Contact Woot customer service and they’ll help you out. Include a link to that screen shot.

Then upgrade your app to the most recent version so you’re ready for next weekend. :slight_smile:


This new game is a challenge of the ability to focus through the mundane more than skill. The random music throws you off as well.

I don’t do well with mundane. Could only get up to 152 last night.

Even with that, no crap won. :frowning:


I won the chance at a BOC this morning after correctly identifying multiple animals :slight_smile: but then it wouldn’t let me buy because the screen said I had purchased a BOC in the last 31 days. But Jan 1 was 32 ago. I think I made a big mistake


Yeah, I got over 120 and only got the “sorry” miss the old woot shirt. The rules indicated that you only needed 120 to get the prize. Fix your game, woot.


I think maybe it’s for a chance at winning?
I played and drove myself nuts after 48 and quit for my sanity. I have no idea how you did that to over 120.


Wife and daughter read the text while I tapped images. They say it’s the worst game ever.


I just got to 122 and the Claim Reward button does nothing?



Got up to 418 score somehow but only got the option to buy the $19 shirt. Disappointing.

Prefer the flying monkey version over the pick an animal



Yeah, when I got 152 it was the shirt as well, no crap offer.


So, why can’t I find this game?


122 and got BOC


FOUR HUNDRED AND FIVE. SUCKKKK ITTTTT. Didn’t get a BOC though. Should automatically get awarded one because of badassery!!!


Just did it again and got 140. Still can’t press the claim prize.


Much like people above me, I got 221 and only a chance to buy an old woot shirt


The game is on the most current version of the Woot app. If you aren’t sure, check your app store to see if there’s an update. You might try deleting it and reinstalling it, too. Note: it’s not current on Amazon’s Appstore for their Fire devices.

If you do have the latest version, scroll down almost all the way and you should see the link to the game (“Digital Crap”), right above the poll and monkey chat.