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Holy crap, this is like the entire TJ Maxx kitchen department.

Do you, like me, wish for a picture of those 3 basalt bowls? Are you left wondering whether they would fit niftily into the 3 indentations in that indented basalt tray?

I can’t answer the latter, but if it’s bowl pictures you want, here you go. Also featuring some game play screen shots from DDR – not sure why. Is there a dancer/avatar named Revol?

Hey, nice find. Thanks!

Anytime, TT. I’m a natural-born do-gooder!

We have the Corelle dishes from a past woot sale and we really love Corelle dishes in general. They are lightweight, easy to clean and dropping them rarely results in a break! :smiley:

I like that you clarified the frequency of breakage. :slight_smile:

What kind of stoppers do the Rogaska decanters have? Plastic-to-glass? Ground glass-to-glass?

I’ll see what I can find out and update you when I know more.

UPDATE: We didn’t get a sample of this, so we’ll need to check with the vendor. It looks like glass to me, but I’m no expert. :slight_smile:

OK. Did I miss out on why I need a pizza to go box? Other than shape, what’s the draw? Will my slice re-heat with a crispy bottom in the microwave instead of a soggy mess?

What justifies it’s existence and price tag (which is a bargain compared to amazon)?

I bought the Signature polka dot mugs and they all four were broken.

Horribly destroyed. Bit depressed. However, from the looks of it and considering there wasn’t even a scratch on the other products I bought, it was on Signature’s end. I sent them a letter knowing just be cautious when buying Signature’s stuff. I cried a little bit, not gonna lie.

edit: letting them know, just be cautious*

I received my 4-pk flared acacia bowls. Except all I got was 1 bowl. Already emailed customer service…hope to get 3 more bowls soon! Keep an eye on those box-packers…

Sorry for the trouble! Keep us updated on how things turn out.

Well, today I received an email telling me that unfortunately they are no longer available and I will instead receive a refund. Yet they are still for sale in this very sale (woot plus). Still as a 4-pack. So, I am mightily puzzled. I am not sure if I should try to place a new order via this sale, or if that would risk getting yet another single bowl.

I hate to be negative (sometimes) but I don’t think Woot likes to spend $$ on reshipments due to missing or broken things. I ordered one of the margarita glass sets — which really are packed well — but I guess the delivery guy kicked it to my door. One was broken. Like you, I received a note from CS saying no more were available and they would credit my account — but they, too, are still being sold here.

I purchased
Classic Coffee & Tea - Tea For TwoSold on Sellout.Woot Quantity:1 @ $12.99 $30.00 57% off list price
From woot and the shipment came in with broken pieces!

Have you emailed Woot Member Services? They can go over your options and take care of things for you. Be sure to include your order number and user name for quicker service. support@woot.com

Sadly, you are correct. I tried again - and guess what? Only 1 bowl, again! Maybe if I keep ordering them every time they come up, eventually I will get 4 bowls… :frowning:

Ugh, sorry. You know the drill to Please email support@woot.com for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.

I’m trying to track down why we’re still selling them as a 4-pack.

I bought the tea cups (blue, pink, green). When I received it the pink tea cup was broken. No doubt it was because of poor packaging. Disappointing…