Do All Outdoors GMSO2 Shooting Star Pro Pack

Fantastic! Good for you, Woot!

Will these ship to states like NY, NJ and MA?

Or do you need a permit?

I don’t know why, but I would have rather had the sport deal on woot, and the woot deal on sport.

I thought “woot” was reserved for the best deal of the day. Well clearly 56% off is > 50% off (not counting the other sites).

Tons of resources for everything Do-all

A friend had these, worked well at times, but a .22 has problems moving them, and larger caliber went straight through. Overall, still a fun product if you enjoy shooting.

This pack is a C note at Gander Mountain. I you have ignored Joe Biden’s advice to throw a couple of rounds in the air (Illegal) when you sense an imminent threat to your family, and have a warm fuzzy feeling with a gun in the nightstand, better get in on this one. That pistol is harder to aim than you think… In for one to replace the worn out set. P.S. Please don’t kick in my front door.

Gander Mountain is a good place to waste some time looking at stuff.
It’s not a good place to find low prices though.

As long as you don’t have more then seven I think you would be fine.

Has anyone tried these with 40 S&W rounds? I see one of the reviews on Amazon says those are a no no.

I’m in, $30 each on Cheaper than Dirt.

since when did we have to pay taxes on WooT!? Government sucks.

Just found a review on Bass Pro Shop’s website that says they do fine with the 40s…

Must be nice to have land where you can shoot stuff.

The only stuff I can shoot are `cans…

For the price this sure seems like a no brainer. A safe, durable, moving target? Yes please.

They fire hundreds upon hundreds of rounds at this thing and it just keeps ticking.

As long as this thing doesn’t bounce around to someplace where the backdrop is not so safe since the shooter is all concentrating on the target and not its reference…

Seems dangerous, aren’t you inviting a ricochet by shooting at the ground?

Since the beginning for us Texans. :wink:

Now that Amazon owns woot it has a presence in all states I believe.

There are many places where the “shooting range” is a big open space of land. A little event called the Knob Creek Machine Gun shoot they hold twice a year where you shoot everything (cars, barrels, appliances…), ground included. In my years of shooting, the only time I’ve seen ricochets is where people were shooting at a rocky surface (concrete included) or thick metal. The target I have like these I toss on the ground, usually in a grass covered area, and shoot at it. Any misses will go into the ground.

These things seem to hold up pretty nice in my experience. I picked up a spinner target like this and shot at it with a variety from 22-45 and it held up. I don’t have this set, but it looks to be made of the same stuff.

Go back under your bridge, troll…

These look like they would make good dog toys. Wonder how well they would hold up to chewing.


You made a wish on a falling star, didn’t you? The buyer heard your wish and now the price is falling on these stars.

Small Print: If you already purchased, the difference will fall back in your pockets soonish.

Sounds great if I was wanting to practice shooting a bad guys toes… Frankly I prefer a target as tall as your average mugger.