Do you like horror movies?

In general horror movies bore me (sorry @cklun). And when I do like them, there is usually a sci-fi bent to then. Such as The Thing. Or comedy…Return of the Living Dead or Reanimator or Evil Dead II. Okay, maybe I’m just bored with the torture porn. Maybe I’ve been around too long. Well…I do like Nosferatu. And Zombie movies. And The Exorcist. Also, The Omen…and The Shining. I’d even go so far as to classify The Andromeda Strain as horror. And of course Alien. I guess I do like horror movies.

Perfect choices! I am old enough to know better, but The Exorcist still scares the living shit outta me! Lights on, won’t buy a four poster bed, etc.

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Haha! I couldn’t find it! Truly priceless.

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