DOPO 10" 2-in-1 Intel 32GB Win10 Tablet

I’m looking for a replacement for my first generation Windows Surface RT (and I want the full Windows 10 since Windows RT is so limited).

Can anyone voice their experiences with this tablet, especially as relates to performance and build quality?

I can’t talk about this specific model/manufacturer, but I’ve had 4 or 5 of the windows 8/10 10 inch hybrids and I have a couple of observations regarding them. Although it can function with a 32 gig drive it’s worth spending the extra 30 dollars for the 64 gigs. By the time a recovery partition is added to the windows install you end up with anywhere between 10 to 16 gigs free space the first time you boot up. Some makers will compress the drive to give you more space but it does come with performance cost. Second run away from any one that has less than 2 gigs of memory. Third screen quality can vary greatly until you can try one there is really no way to tell how good it is. Lastly, if you plan on doing anything that requires a pointing device, it’s best to get a bluetooth mouse. Almost all of the track pads that are included with the keyboards are garbage. That said, if you find one you like they can be awesome machines. I have a pretty new Dell Latitude 6440 that never gets removed from it’s dock, because I take my tablet with me everywhere. Just going on the specs, you should be fine if you are looking to replace the functionality of a Surface RT. You’ll probably want to add a sd card if it has a slot just so you can store non operating system and program files somewhere else. Specs don’t mention if it does but just about all of them do.

In case you are wondering, my tablet of choice is a Dell Venue 5130. I got a refurbished model with the keyboard dock for about 160 from a major auction website. Although it’s no powerhouse, it have a couple of features that I love. A full HD screen that I like more than any screen I’ve ever used including a Surface Pro 4, a keyboard that has a spare battery so I can go 12 hours of screen time between charges and a trackpad and keyboard that is usable for than more than a couple of minutes. It is significantly heavier because of the extra battery and higher build quality but it is still plenty light (around 3 pounds) and it certainly doesn’t feel like a plastic toy like all the others I’ve used.

I agree with dontkn, 32gb is tiny for a windows tab. I have an asus T100 with 32gb ssd and after the windows install there’s barely more than 10gb left. I use a microsd to make up the difference but I’m not sure if this DOPO supports added storage.

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More of a question post than anything, but I find it strange I couldn’t find the information online.

Double Power (Dopo) doesn’t even have this model on their website. I’d like to know if this is the Double Power DPW10A-BT model or if the model you’re selling is actually what’s listed (DPW10A)

Biggest thing I’d like to know is:

Are the MicroUSB and MicroHDMI port on this model?

Does this device support more storage memory with a SD Memory Card?

Woot can you please find out if there is a MicroUSB slot and a SD card slot on this device?


We’re waiting to hear back from the vendor. Check back for an update.

UPDATE: Per the vendor… DPW10A comes with micro USB and micro HDMI port. There are also two regular USB ports on the keyboard. Tablet supports more storage memory with micro SD card.

Specs look OK for minecraft. Any thoughts? These would be for the kids.

For any type of video game I would stay away from something like this. You want to make sure it either has a dedicated GPU, or if you can’t afford it, probably an Intel i3/i5/i7 Sandy Bridge generation processor or higher, or an AMD APU (one of their A-series model processors). This processor either is part of or very closely resembles Intel’s older Atom series, which is well known to not be acceptable for any sort of gaming, even casual Minecraft. Minecraft may seem like it isn’t that complex of a game, but it actually is fairly resource-intensive in reality. Something else to look for is at least 4GB of memory (RAM), because Minecraft uses a lot of that as well. I hope that this helps you. :slight_smile:

Well you’re right about an actual gaming PC needing decent hardware, but he specifically asked about Minecraft and only Minecraft. You certainly don’t need an i5 or i7 for that. You’re steering the guy far away from a cheap, casual machine for little kids and towards a reasonably expensive gaming PC. I don’t play Minecraft, but I looked up the specs and this tablet probably can play it. There’s also a Win10 version in the MS store, for what it’s worth, and although Minecraft probably would run noticeably better on even slightly improved hardware, these DOPO things should suffice as cheap entry points.

Minecraft isn’t just a simple game kids play. It is a legitimate video game with stuff in it that would really suffer from lag issues if the memory was low, and the PC version has more stuff in it than console versions, which makes it more of a resource hog. I agree with the point about not enough memory in this and getting something that can render decent graphics, because, again, Minecraft is a video game, not just a game that happens to be played on a computer. Now if the objective is to make it painful to play so kids do less of it, sure, but I’d personally get a laptop rather than a tablet if enjoyable game play is the goal.

Oh I know it’s not just a little kiddie game, and it won’t run on an ancient machine, but at the same time the games I play require far more substantial hardware. Minecraft is in the category of “mass appeal, low system requirements” games which include WoW and LoL, with the former being old enough to run on just about any modern machine and the latter specifically designed to run on lower-end hardware.

Also, lag/latency is a product of your network connection, not RAM. Insufficient CPU/GPU/RAM would yield low framerates.

I was curious if this would charge from the microUSB port, but alas it looks as if it does not. There is a separate barrel connector labelled for power right next to the microUSB port. If it will charge from a usb cable, that’s enough of an advantage that I’d buy one and get rid of the T100. Please post if you know more.


What MicroSD card type is supported? SD, SDHC or SDXC

Walmart has its house brand Nextbook with identical specs going for $100 and $120. There are other choices too. Most of the “refurb” computers are sold that way to shorten the warranty. These are throw-away computers anyway; warranty is not really a big deal; price is.

I got one (Acer brand) for my college-bound kid to use in the classroom.

bought my dopo 10.1 4 weeks ago. added a 64 gb sd micro sd card. I might try a 128 card at some point. I bought this to replace my surface rt. It has been a good computer replacement. I did disable the touch pad to keep the cursor from jumping and added a wireless mouse. Works great. Pro: Have seen no problems, long battery life (10 hours), good keyboard, wireless good, great input output slots, true laptop when I need it, works well as a tablet.
Cons: small keyboard, rt shift key small, heavy and thick(compared to surface). wish win 10 would let you save apps to sd card. screen slightly smaller than surface rt, in tablet mode you lose the 2 usb slots and only have the micro usb on the tablet.

I would buy another

One day after I posted this my DoPo went black and ain’t coming back. I took it to Best Buy and they said they no longer carry the product.

I had read on another site a person saying that he had three go brick after 4 weeks, mine made it 5 weeks.
I really liked that computer!!