ds Free & Digital Recorder


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looks slightly more feature-rich (and definitely cheaper) than the excellent Uniden 900MHz unit that I’m currently not using either
(I gave up having a land-line about a year ago)




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Damn you Woot! you made me pop my cherry :lol:
I dont know how you guys do it , but Rock The Hell On!!! I must say this has been the best Woot-Off evar!!! 8)


though the topic name is ‘ds,’ i’m not sure if nintendo and uniden teamed up to make it :lol:

edit: they fixed it, hooray for woot! :smiley:


damn loooooks like this be here for a while zzzz time


Nice phone… good price!!!

Gonna be tough to beat this price on any other 2.4ghz phone of this quality.

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Uniden TRU3485 with Hands Free & Digital Recorder
More Unidens in the box!
$29.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling

Whither the lowly land line? Once king of communication innovations, now lost in the ever-faster blur of new remote devices, the regular old telephone has had to scramble to regain its supremacy. The result is uber-mega-ultra-phones like this one, packed with more features than a suburban multiplex.

Consider this Uniden phone with speakerphone and answering machine gizmo. It has a better memory than you do, remembering the last 50 calls you’ve received while you can barely remember what you had for breakfast. It has more vocal range than you do, with multiple ringers. It’s even better looking than you!

So take it home. Plug it in. Make your calls. Get your messages. Avoid your creditors. Just don’t introduce it to your girlfriend.

Condition: Refurbished, retail box
Color: Silver
Frequency band: 2.4 GHz
Transmission type: Digital spread spectrum
Caller ID: Yes (requires a telephone company service subscription)
Caller ID/call waiting: Yes
Caller ID memory: 50 names/numbers
Display and dial: Yes
Integrated answering system: Yes
Speakerphone: Yes
Dual keypad: Yes
Number of lines: 1
Speed dialing: Yes
Speed-dial presets: 20
LCD handset display: 3 lines
Adjustable ringer: Yes
Distinctive ring: Yes
Handset volume: Yes
Illuminated keypad: Yes
Belt clip: Yes
Headset compatible: Yes
Flash: Yes
Redial: Yes
Pause: Yes
Mute: Yes
Page/handset locator: Yes
Hearing aid compatible: Yes
Extension-in-use indicator: Yes
Out-of-range indicator: Yes
Voice mail waiting indicator: Yes
Answering device recording method: Digital
Maximum recording time: 15 minutes
Memo recording: Yes
Number of greetings: 2
Prerecorded greeting: Yes
Nonvolatile memory: Yes
New-message indicator: Yes
Handset controls: Memory, flash, redial, volume, delete, channel select
Remote message check: Yes
Full remote operation: Yes
New-message playback: Yes
Message skip/repeat: Yes
Selective save and erase: Yes
Time/day stamp: Yes
Stand-up charging: Yes
Second battery included: No
Shock resistant: Yes


makes a great ball washer


what a POS, come on get the hook!!!



This was under the picture. Ha!


go -[ more information ]- than enlarge the photo of the phone


I agree
There hasn’t been anything I actually want (yet?), but I’m still having fun.


these are the type of things that kill woot-offs. hopefully it wont sell out till the morning exactly when i wake up so i don’t have to stay up all night until the wireless mouse shows up. oh and btw, i don’t roll on shabbos!!!


Come on everyone…buy, buy, buy. I need to see the next item. I’m so tired but it’s like I’m anchored to the computer.


I don’t want no stinking phone!


Sort of an Easter egg


Whew! Finally a chance to catch our breath. Bet this doesn’t sell out until AM though.


Come on! Let’s get it on! I can’t wait forever for the next WOOT! Just buy one and tell your Mom you got her a phone to call you on for Mother’s Day! Enough of this waiting! :stuck_out_tongue: WOOT!!


Anyone know how many handsets come with this? Based on the “more unidens in the box” subtitle

hmmm i took one for the team anyway!!!