Dyson AM05 Hot+Cool Fan

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Dyson AM05 Hot+Cool Fan
Price: $159.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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These must be the rejects from QVC that all got sent back cause they didn’t work! I know cause I bought one of these lemons from them & it was so wonky I had to return it. I’d never buy a Dyson refurb from WOOT unless I could get an extended warranty.

Your wish has been answered! First thing in the product description section, is a square trade warranty! It appears the woot gods are smiling on you today!

I have never owned a Dyson fan though I have seen them work at local stores. I didn’t think they moved much air for the price. I own three Vornado fans that push air like no other fan I have owned.

And your Vornado’s sound like a tornado.

i Have one of these I got from Costco and it’s great. We used it all winter to keep the nursery warm. It’s better at warming than cooling since it has no cooing coil just pushes whatever air is there through pretty fast, but it does provide relief and the oscillation is cool :slight_smile:

Warning: the AM05 is incredibly loud, i have no idea how Dyson thought this was acceptable(and considering the price)… I can only use it for heat on setting #1. In cool mode, even setting #1 is too loud to sleep with or even watch TV near. It does produce a nice quality “white noise”, but I’ve never used speeds 2-9… and it certainly doesn’t move much air compared to traditional fans. However, I really like the look enough to keep it out when not in use. If the AM09 comes down to the $130 range I’d replace this one. I can’t honestly recommend this model.

I’ve had issues with a few things (lately) from Woot, but I’ve found they stand behind what they sell and have always offered to make it right. So when it comes to Woot, I buy with confidence…even a refurb. And yes, I did just get one. :slight_smile:

According to Dyson directly, the volume at the highest setting is 68dB. For some, this too loud. For others, they likely yell anyway.

I bought one of these last year and I’m completely satisfied with it.
What I’m not satisfied with is Square Trade. At one time I had 5 consecutive warranties with them. When a phone stopped working properly after about a year, they refused to honor the warranty, stating that it did not cover alleged water damage they discovered. The phone was a refurb and I never had it anywhere near water, but buyer beware when getting a warranty from Square Trade for ANY refurb or used items.

Not everyone is as sensitive to sound as you are. Also, some people actually need some white noise to sleep.

That’s not me. I can sleep regardless if there’s noise or complete silence. However, my girlfriend needs something making sound be it a fan or some kind of rain sounds coming from her phone all night.

Your contention that this fan is noisy and that you can’t recommend it is really just for you and others who have your same aversion to sound when attempting to sleep.

Otherwise, I purchased one the last time and it works exactly as expected on both heat and cool. I don’t find it overly noisy and certainly, my girlfriend doesn’t. LOL!

I would recommend this to anyone who wants a large savings on a very wonderful unit. No fan blades to worry about. The only thing you might have to concern yourself with is the best place to put it. If you’re using it in your bedroom and you have a tall bed, you may have to put this on some kind of a stand because it’s quite short for use on the floor.

No, it does not tilt forward or back unless I’m missing some kind of magic. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Sorry, it seems I got the AM04 Hot+Cool Fan last time. So, the AM05 does seem to tilt forward and back! Woot!