Dyson DC41 Animal Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

I have wanted one of these for years but I stop short because I read so many terrible reviews about it. Consumer Reports has never given it a good review ever. Guess I better let this one pass.

Once I vacuum up my two cats, then what use will it be? Maybe the neighbors can borrow/rent it from me for their animals…

Buy a new Shark for half the price of this refurb. You will be glad you did.

someone buy them just to make it go faster…

I bought this full price (over $500 a few years back. It’s a great vacuum! The downside is that it works poorly on flat surfaces IF YOU DON’T USE THE ATTACHMENT THAT COMES WITH IT! Duh! I agree with the coil though. It’s too tight.

After vacuuming my rug, I bought the Dyson Animal, came home and re-vacuumed the same rug. It filled the vacuum with dirt. I was a believer from then on. Love my Dyson Animal.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh! No more vacuums!!!

All right. I checked Costco and the Dyson 40 is $500. In for one. Apply the Cone of Shame, which will be offset by the Gratitude from Wife.

I would look into getting one of these, you know, if my apartment was larger than a single 20’x20’ room. Which I share with 3 other guys…

Always have to chime in on these! Bought one a zillion years ago on Woot. Love it! 3 teens, dog, cat, and husband track in all sorts of stuff and the Dyson works awesome! Before getting the Dyson went through 3 brand name vacuums in two years!! Love the washable filter and the fact that you can almost completely dissemble to get stuck items (which happens so rarely. I’m amazed at the things this vacuum picks up).

If anyone has an extra I’ll take it! I’m so mad I missed this again. Arg.