Dyson DC41 Animal Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

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Dyson DC41 Animal Bagless Vacuum Cleaner
$299.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Well this sucks!

Coming soon…Dysonwoot!

this is perfect if you missed the last sixty five times they WOOT!ed off a Dyson.

Well it only blows out “cleaner air”, I was looking for one that that blew out clean air!

You better look somewhere else then…

Without the Mini Turbine Tool can you really call it a DC41 Animal?

I can’t judge this Dyson without that pic of a guy carrying it up the stairs.

The DC41 Animal Bagless Vacuum Cleaner is powerful enough to pickup virtually any animal that gets in its way. ** Animals must be under 10 pounds.

“refurbished”? Sooooo, does it come with someone elses dirt?

It comes with someone else’s pet hair. That way you can see how well it worked for them!

Good, now I can go back to work and check back in about 5 hours.

The one time I actually need a digital camera and does Woot offer one? I am dissapoint.

What is the deal with Woot? All they seem to offer across all their sites are Dyson’s. Its sad to see this site go so far downhill. There used to be really cool stuff on here to buy. Now its all just Dyson vacumm cleaners.

What does it tell you about the quality of Dyson when on any deal site at anytime you can get a “refurbished” unit 2 on Ebay deals…MOVE on already…


Right?! Jeez… give me something good Woot!

My girlfriend has one and I’ve used it a few times.
The plus side is that it works really well, like I would expect a several hundred dollar vacuum to work.
The minus sides are what keep me using the Kenmore canister vac when I do the vacuuming.
It exhausts the air from the bottom out of the infamous “ball”. That is an absolutely stupid design flaw in my opinion. Effectively if you have pets and hard woood floors it is airblasting all the hair into the air. Genius my ass. It is fairly heavy as far as vacuums go. The built in extension wand is a PIA to use as well. It has such a strong coil to it that it starts pulling the vacuum towards whatever your trying to stretch the tube out to use.
It’s been in for repair to replace the switch (faulty design said the repair guy). The overall repair experience was painless and easy. However, I couldn’t tell you how the repair experience is for my Kenmore, because it’s never been in the shop. Dyson rant over.

Rats. I actually need this. But all these disgruntled Wooters are making me think I’m chump for buying it.

Maybe I should get it at Costco and avoid the Cone of Shame…

Wife didn’t trust refurb warranty…what if? she said…

So we bought the new version of this and it is AWESOME! Best vacuum i have ever used or owned. Our version came with mini turbine tool mentioned above - and its not in the pictures, so maybe the refurb shorts you on that too.

It does take some getting used to, but if paying and extra 250+ for a 5 year warranty and mini turbine tool seems like a waste (did to me) i say pick this up if you have ever thought about a Dyson.

The DC41 is a great vacuum, and is much more worth it than the all floor models or DC25 on previous woots, it has more suction and dirt bin capacity which is what always counts in sucking stuff up.