Dyson V7 Motorhead Cordless Vacuum

Dyson V7 Motorhead Cordless Vacuum

I like my Dyson cordless.

I too like my Dyson cordless.

Brand new at Best Buy for $199.99, FYI.


This exact model (V7 Absolute) was $180 new on the Dyson site last month! Purchased one for Christmas and we love it!

Bought the refurbed Dyson V6 with 2 beater bars back in Dec 2019, from Woot for $166. Vacuum arrived with all new plastic parts. Main V6 unit was refurbished but very clean, battery was bad. Wouldn’t hold a charge for more than 3-5 minutes. Left on charger overnight several times, and still no luck. Seems like they don’t give you a new battery. Other than the battery issue, I think this is not a bad deal. There’s a six month warranty from Dyson on the unit. I emailed woot support, and they let me know that I have to deal with Dyson regarding the battery issue.

Hi there. We don’t have parts for the items we sell. Dyson is reported to be very good to work with.

Thanks, ThunderThighs, contacted Dyson today Feb 3, 2020 and they are shipping out a replacement battery. Great service from Dyson!!!