Dyson V8 Animal+ Cord-Free Vacuum

Dyson V8 Animal+ Cord-Free Vacuum

I like mine. Still going after all these years.

does it come with the battery and charger? It is not listed in the details…

Does this work for vacuuming things other than animals?


Only if they are driving something with a V8…

Yes, the battery is integral and not easily removed. It can be replaced however.

I tested one of these at the store. I did not expect it to be so heavy and awkward with this spindly design. Think I’d be worn out after using it for a few minutes.

Love the suction! BUT, to be the “animal” version, it clogs way too easily! Dirt cup is hard to empty, always have to dig out the hair, etc.

Yes, battery & charger are included.

Maybe it’s because I need more sleep, or maybe it’s because it’s the “animal” version, but when I first read the description, I read “sprayed nickle” as “spayed/neutered.”

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Yup. Been waiting for a deal on a cheap stick-vac for around the kitchen and near the dog bowls, but online reviews for them are universally bad. Already own a nice Miele canister vac so always passed on getting a Dyson cordless because of the price. But at this price? Yeah no choice. Now just concerned that the combo tool won’t work well on hard floors. The Fluffy tool is… $92? Scheiss. Ok maybe a cheap knockoff hard floor tool will work.

I got mine but can’t for the life of me figure out what the short adapter is for. It is about 7" long and looks with a section in the middle that goes over a hump before straight again. Any thoughts?

Hmmmm. Looking on Dyson’s site. This? If so, that’s cool.


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