Earth Rated 900CT Lavender-Scent Dog Waste Bags

Lavender-Scented! For those that sniff their poop bags!

the bags are good, nice not to have to smell dog S while you’re carrying it.

the bag holder is great in that the attachment (to leash) mechanism is strong and won’t break like most of the cheapo units out there that use a little flimsy loop.

Also, the little extra hook to hold the poop bag is a nice touch.

BUT, the cheapo units usually have TWO ‘prongs’ on both ends to hold the roll in the middle. This one only has one, that isn’t long enough to keep the spool centered properly. So you’ll be fighting to keep the roll centered while you pull a single bag out, otherwise it keeps jamming against the holder and is annoying to get out.

I bought just the holder a while back and keep meaning to replace the single bolt with a longer metal one that will keep the center position.

I usually buy the Amazon bags for less than $20/1000. I’d get these if I needed a replacement spool holder though, and just replace the bolt.

Let me get this straight – the company name is “Earth Rated,” but these bags are just plain ol’ plastic and offer no ecological benefit whatsoever. Let’s look at the company’s FAQs:

Hmm. “A lifestyle brand.” Yep. Pure marketing – all hat and no cattle. Or rather, all hipster fedora and no actual compostability or even recycled plastic. Pass.

These are very high quality bags. I have used them for several years. And the lavender scent does make a real difference!