Echo Plus (2nd Gen)

Echo Plus (2nd Gen)

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  1. Well that’s a first, Woot claiming a “list” price lower than the actual price currently being asked at Woot Mother Amazon! ($100 by Woot, $150 by Amazon.)

$54.99 $99.99 45% off List Price

  1. If this deal item is truly “New”, why not the original Amazon 1-year warranty by Amazon? (vs this 90-day Woot warranty). Is Amazon support also neutered in some way? Seems Woot must be an authorized reseller for Amazon, right?

We have a 2nd gen Echo - similar form factor (cylinder with LED status ring on top vs the silly, large footprint, spherical 4th gen Echo with the status ring hidden underneath) to this very slightly larger diameter 2nd gen Echo Plus. We could care less about the Zigbee hub, but note the woofer and tweeter in the Plus version are a bit larger. Haven’t listened side by side to know whether the sound quality difference is noticeable. Sound quality of the regular 2nd gen Echo is solid, much, much better than any Echo Dot, if not fully “musical”.

Our dilemma - $55 for one of these nearly new (no 1-year Amazon warranty) 2nd gen Echo Plus’s… or finally suck it up and buy a truly amazing sounding Echo Studio for $200. You have to hear it in person to appreciate it. 330 watts of musical sound. And even with 12-13 chips inside it (chip shortage), now appears to be readily available again.

BTW, a bit sad to see Amazon is closing its Amazon 4-star stores. Their employees were a good source of info.

In the past it has been “new” units which were set aside to satisfy warranty/repair requests. After the product is discontinued and the warranty runs out, the unused support inventory is sold without the original warranty as there are none to replace them with.

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That makes sense. Time to clear them out since mother Amazon claims they only have three truly new 2nd gen Echo Plus’s left in stock.

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I guess we could raise the price if you really wanted that Amazon warranty.

J/K, we can’t do that.

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Or buy two to have one as a spare in case the first fails after the woot warranty but before Amazon discontinues support.


Amazon Echo smart speakers, subwoofers, and switches receive guaranteed software security updates until at least four years after the device is last available for purchase on our websites.

Did not find a statement specific to the Plus, but the 2nd gen Echo Plus was discontinued in 2020, so it should be good until 2024.


The link at the very bottom to the “Optional Asurion Protection Plan” is broken.

Thanks. We’re having technical issues trying to fix it. Here’s the correct link.

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I would start by not copying a URL directly from an Email.

The link that is there now hints that someone uses Office 365 w/ Defender and they received the link in an E-mail. They need to use the Safelinks Decoder to strip away the Safelinks parts to get the intended URL.

Edit - PSA - Safelinks exists for a reason. Only use the decoder for known good URLs and not to bypass administrative blocks.

Yeah, they were using a Chrome add-on. They’re working on it.

Of course that’s for security updates (software / firmware) and not hardware replacements due to failures while under warranty. Still good information to know.