Echo Spot - Smart Alarm Clock with Alexa

Echo Spot - Smart Alarm Clock with Alexa

Can this be used as a baby monitor?

It does say the Spot can be used to monitor a live feed from a smart video camera in places like the nursery or front door. Probably it wouldn’t do well as the component in the nursery because it doesn’t provide a continuous live feed itself.

Why is this the same price on Amazon direct today? Isn’t Woot supposed to be the “deal” site?

People can buy what they want but it seems like it makes a lot more sense to buy a 7 or 8 inch fire tablet. It does everything that the spot alarm clock does and a whole lot more for about the same price.

I don’t think you can put the fire tablets into an “everywhere” group. And that’s a BIGLEY for me.

Anyone know if the sound is comparable to the third gen dots?

Looks like it may have been a pricing error on the mother ship as it is now reverted to 89.99.