Ecothink Solar Post Light

How do you secure it to the ground?

Was also wondering


Oh man, I’m not sure how I missed this: Stake it into the ground or mount it on wood with the included hardware

Must have not had enough coffee yet.

Is the lamp head also metal?

The lamp head is plastic.

My experience with these lamps was not good. Cheaply made and don’t last. They look good from a distance, but don’t last long.

I used tent stakes driven in the ground to mount them. Finally put them in concrete about the time they died. Not recommended.

I bought three of these about 18 months ago. I love them and they still work and have remained standing with the tent spikes in Oklahoma wind. If I needed to replace them, I would buy more, but mine are still good so I’m sending the link to all the people who have been in my yard and commented on how much they like them. Thanks Woot!