String Light Company

Can anyone recommend an extension cord they use with these? Looking for something that’s weather proof & not an eyesore.

I like the Cafe Series with the copper-colored shades…but everywhere I checked them out, people said the copper is only on the top of the shades; on the bottom, they are silver-toned. Now, since you’re going to mount these, what, about 10 feet high in order to utilize the lights, who is going to see the top of the shade? Kinda stupid, ya know?

I did not know that, but since that’s the case, getting them from amazon in steel would be the way to go since they are 45.00 and you could add the bulbs for the price of these copper ones

Does anyone know what kind of plug ends these are? Are they grounded? Are they polarized? I have a polarized decorative piece that i’d like to plug into the end of a set of string lights and am curious if this would work.


Interested in purchasing a few of these light sets, however, some of the styles don’t have pictures of the lights when they’re actually on & lit up. Can you get pictures for the styles that don’t have them?


Son bought some of these last time on woot, not even 1 month hung up and the glue that holds the bulbs in the socket quit holding, thats every bulb, tried to email company, no answer back, good luck if you buy these.

I’m very sorry for the experience you’ve had so far with these- if you haven’t already, use the support tab towards the top of the page to contact our CS team and let them know you didn’t get anywhere with the vendor- we’ll do our best to figure things out for you.

Bulbs are glued in and not threaded?

Cord is heavy duty,bulbs screw in,but the glass on the bulbs come unglued from their bases.

Hey woot staff… what about my question?

We asked but it’s unlikely we’ll get images- we don’t always get samples, and it’s most likely we just used all the images already provided to us by the vendor.

I found this website with a picture of one of the sets lit up.