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Nintendo Wii Console with Wii Sports & Wii Resort - White…

Did I… go back in time??

This is NOT the Roku 3 with the voice search remote. This is the previous version. Note: You can use the Roku Android or iOS apps to do a voice search with this model.
More info: Roku - Wikipedia

The Iphone, is it unlocked?

The Fuji is not bad for the price but you only have the big screen on back, no eyepiece finder. This is not a good design for a camera with a 30x zoom.You will not be ale to hold it steady AND frame the shot well.

Do you have only one of the OMD-28 speakers? I need a pair and a single speaker does me no good.

No, it is locked to the carrier you choose. We will note when phones/tablets are unlocked. :slight_smile:

Alas, we have but one left. Maybe someone needs a spare? :frowning:

I hope this doesn’t come across as rude, but I can buy the Wii bundle (with games) at couple of local stores for about $50 less. I know this because my mom broke hers and had me look for a new one.

On the Fujita Iclam:

Does anyone know If I can Jam An S4 into it? I don’t care if it stays waterproof.

Edit: Nevermind I didn’t scroll down far enough! I see the S4 now


These are super cheap everywhere. Look online, too. This is the older model of the Wii, not the Wii U. Go to craigslist or ebay and someone is selling it with all of their games plus extra remotes for about $60,

At Woot, no links in better deal posts = urban legends or “I heard it through the grapevine.”

Kind of a put up or shut up atmosphere.

Better deals may exist, and buyers get aggravated with “You can buy it cheaper” posts with no effort to say where!

I just received my “overnighted” sennheiser MM 30G earbuds and they were broken at the connection piece. So far Woot service has been terrible with this order after the “in process” shipping couldn’t be changed within minutes of the order email showing as incorrect and now broken stuff being sent. Very disappointed! =(

I guess I thought it would be rude to post links to the competition.

Both GameStop (full bundle, old model) is $130 on the website, but $119 in store.

And just about any store like Walmart or Best Buy have the new Mini WII console for $99, and these sports games are super cheap.