Great Gaming Gear

Hmm, the photo depicts the original Wii Remote with the Motion Plus accessory (circled in blue), but the description indicates it comes with the Remote Plus (which has Motion Plus built-in).

I bought the PX4 headset a while back and it is a great piece of hardware. Solid surround sound for gaming, and if you want to watch tv while your S.O. is sleeping, these headphones make it possible to enjoy surround sound goodness while the other person sleeps peacefully.

Those wii prices are almost criminally high. Way to rip people off woot.

I sold a white used Wii on eBay for $60, with about 10 games and every imaginable accessory. It was completely ‘like new’ and cleaned and tested. These prices are more than crazy.

Are they serious about these ORIGINAL Wii prices? A dead system for $200? Shameful. Very, very shameful.

The sad thing is they’ve managed to sell a couple of them.

What was it that PT Barnum used to always say?

This wii bundle brand new should be less than half of the price they are listing this for. I bought a brand new wii-u (current generation of nintendo console for those not in the know…) with 3 games for $269 a year ago. That’s wild…

i think woot has the wii confused for the wii u. the original wii retailed at 200 when it first came out.

Seriously, who buys a 9 year old game system, obsolete now for 2½ years, for this much money? This is a joke.

Price aside, this version of the Wii is utter garbage. No component output (480p which is a significant improvement) and no internet connectivity. That means no downloadable games, Netflix, or Hulu. You’re far better off finding an original model.

Well if you’re going to buy a Wii, you’re better off with the white one. It’s basically a Gamecube as well

It’s sad, but lots of businesses have zero shame when it comes to getting money.

Does anyone have a comment about that Snakebyte SB00696 Game Controller? It looks great, almost the same as the Nexus Gamepad that Google has on their store. But I dunno, something about cheap devices with rechargeable batteries makes me nervous sometimes.

The red one? Yeah. Then again, who wants to pay $210 for the original white Wii model also offered? Both prices are out of whack. You are right to suggest shopping around. Even GameStop will hook you up with a component and net capable Wii for less than half the price.

For anyone really into the Wii mini, Nintendo has refurbs for $65, plus tax and usually $5 for standard shipping.

Not at these prices. Lot of GameCube compatible Wii models on the used market. Better off shopping around. Crazy, right?

I came here only to read what others had to say about the wii unit prices… I cannot believe that you are selling these systems for that price. There is no bargain to be had people, if you buy this you are paying close to 4x the price you could get elsewhere.

got mine on for $50.
works great. They currently have preowned WiiU’s for less than this new white Wii.