Elemental Model of the Universe

I don’t see bacon on there…

Okay, I know I’m getting a bit overly technical here, but technically the entire thing should be hydrogen and helium with everything else being nearly microscopic in size. That is if the size correlates to abundance of the elements in the universe.

You can thank me for the correction later (or now in the form of an amazingly QUALITY POST!). =)

Excellent. One of the reasons I love (yes, it’s love, did I mention The Umbrellas random that arrived the other day) shirtwoot! is that it makes me glad I spent the time I did being a science + science fiction aficionado before theatre took over.

Not that there’s a joke to get here, but seeing the elements not in a periodic table form and looking like a star explosion is a cool thing.

Hang on, what does your shirt say?

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I don’t get it

There is an Animaniacs song to be sung here…

Really? I was going to go with “Chemical Calisthenics” by Blackalicious …

Actually, if you look at that picture in the wikipedia article you posted (thank you, thank you!) it uses logarithms of the frequencies and not the numbers themselves - and in that graphic representation, it is all comparable. Now, a bigger problem is that of meaningful comparison of font sizes vs. frequencies - if the font is twice as tall, is it supposed to mean it’s twice as prominent? Or should we go by relative areas? etc. But I think since most of us are really not capable to remember all the frequencies anyhow and can just marvel at the relative order of things, the t-shirt can be considered “accurate enough.” (that is until and unless somebody discovers an error). Thanks again for posting the info!

I thought it was inversely proportional to the size of the element. Was I wrong?

[QUOTE=Stexe, post:7, topic:388304]
Really? I was going to go with “Chemical Calisthenics” by Blackalicious …


Hmm, Neither one of those came to mind for me… The Tom Lehrer ditty was the instant inference I got. (Yes as a matter of fact, I am an old fogey, now get off my lawn!)

Hmmm… I (and it looks like so did Stexe) assumed it was proportional to the frequency of the element in the Universe.

Maybe I was wrong?

How do they know about the relative amounts of elements in the whole universe? Did I miss something?

Geez - and here I just thought it looked cool…!!!

My first thought was Tom Lehrer.

Astronomy. :slight_smile:

Looks nice, a bit geeky, but I have too many dark shirts…

Can I get some white shirts for the summer, please…

What happened to the AA option? I’m really not a fan of the other shirts. They’re too short and the necks stretch out like crazy.

I love this design. I don’t really care about whether there’s any rhyme or reason behind the relative size of the font for each layer of elements. It’s just awesome.

I also love books. I could bury myself literally with all my books and probably also die.

What, no American Apparel choice?

The order reminds me of the order the elements are sung in the element song, which is put to the music of “I’m a very model of a modern major general”