Orbital Model of the Carbon Atom

The lemons and oranges are so mean to those blueberries.

I believe it’s the smallest occurring cuteness in it’s complete form!

This would be 10x better in 3D.

Whoever doesn’t like this shirt is way too negative.

I’m feeling really positive about this shirt printing, but I have negative space left in my shirt drawer. I guess that leaves me in neutral territory when it comes to deciding whether or not to buy it…

That was seriously funny woot.

For those that don’t recall high school science:

The electrons going around the outside are sad, because they have a negative charge.

The neutrons in the center are apathetic, because they have a neutral charge.

And the protons in the center are happy, because they are awesome.

this shirt reminds me of 7th grade…

GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! I’m buying this shirt!

I would buy this shirt, but I’m trying to reduce my carbon footprint.

Okay, nah, I’m totally getting this shirt.

It’s an everlasting gobstopper. No life (well, on earth, at least) without carbon.

Are the orange balls negative or just sullen and bored?

I love how the electrons are sad and the protons are happy, which holds to their usual personalities. Amazing!

So if you buy enough of these shirts, could you pack them tightly together to form a diamond?


I was so hoping this would place. Congratulations, ramyb!

It’s organic! :smiley:

This is awesome. I work in a coal lab so I’m used to seeing carbon in a slightly darker form, but this is just too good. In for one.

Of course, if you pack them wrong, you’ll just get graphite instead.

I have a pet lab rat named Carbon, and since rats are intelligent creatures, I’m sure he will see the humor in this shirt. He will if he knows what’s good for him!

actually… its not not complete… it needs another atom.