Embark 32-Ounce Water Bottle - 6 Pack



No nozzle and they leak? Really?
See the other feedback from other retailers first. Sorry Charlie. This is unwootable. You’re slipping and have been for some time. Step it
Up already- back to the old woot… Let me guess- a pass the torch occurred and excel sheets override truly reputable deals? Better think again.


I bought a few of these last month or so.
Mixed bag.

The Pros:

  • holds water or other beverages (personally I wouldn’t want to put anything hot in it… just sayin…)

  • if you are very careful to screw it on * just so* it doesn’t leak.

  • It’s pink ! very pretty if you like pink ! And if you don’t like pink, when you have stuff in it – you maybe could pass it off as " faded red" . Empty? not so much. of course, I am a little color blind.

  • Once you wash it out a few times really really good. ( and I advise you to do so before using) it won’t give your water a funky smell like formaldehyde.

  • dishwasher safe ! ( well at least in my dishwasher. )

  • it’s cheap ! So if you do get one that won’t screw on just right, you aren’t out much.

  • great to put candy in or socks or what have you for a gift. ( less expensive and cooler wrapper then a lot of fancy gift bags out there)

  • the shape makes it easy to grip.

  • It’s cheap !

  • it has measurements on the side which you could use for mixing up something in it or keeping track of how much you are drinking. That’s handy.

  • you could stash and carry other stuff in it that maybe wouldn’t matter if it wasn’t on just so. especially handy if that stuff needs measured.

  • It’s cheap !

The Cons :

– you have to be very careful to screw it on * just so* or it will leak.

  • It’s pink ! Bummer if don’t like pink. (unless you are colorblind) BUT when you have stuff in it – you maybe could pass it off as " faded red" in that situation.

  • If you don’t wash it out a few times really really good. ( and I advise you to do so before using) it might give your water a funky smell like formaldehyde.

  • kinda thin compared to Nalgene** bottles. In other words, it’s more for everyday use, not an everest expedition.

  • It’s made in China. I know I know ! what isn’t ??? well actually, Nalgene** bottles aren’t. They are made in USA : )

  • It’s cheap.

** I have no affiliation with the makers of Nalgene bottles, other than owning one or two or more.


@ceagee, thanks for pointing out that these are pink. I’m quite a bit red colorblind so you’ve saved me from showing up to work with one of these and having to face the inevitable ribbing.


I bought one of these embark bottles from Target. I threw it out within 3 days. The top was almost impossible to screw on and off and it leaked. I will never buy this brand again.


One way to use the pink and avoid ribbing:
you could always say it was pink in support of breast cancer awareness and then no one would hassle you . It’s only a little lie. Besides, you might support it and this bottle might express that even if these bottles themselves have nothing to do with any breast cancer fundraising thing.


So I will jump in with some more user experience. The top is difficult to screw on at times, although I have never had mine leak. I actually have more trouble getting it off than getting it on. (insert witty joke here) The shape of the bottle makes it easy for little ones to hold if they want to take a drink (although not sure little hands could easily open) and the wide mouth is easy to drink out of. The loop on the lid is pretty sturdy and seems like it will take some wear and tear.

I’ve left water in mine for over a week and drank it without noticing any unusual tastes.

And if you don’t like pink and don’t care about the measurements on it, you can always spray paint it a different color, because it is so cheap, as previously pointed out :slight_smile:


I saw this offering very early this morning. About 1:30 AM EST. I had a thought but it was Christmas after all and I decided since I was not interested anyway, to just let it go. But then it just got to where I could not stand it any longer. Shows how boring my life is. lol

So here is the comment that came to mind as soon as I saw this ‘Christmas Day’ item on ‘sellout woot’.



Great gift for my mother. She just had a heart attack and she is only supposed to drink water. These will work perfectly.


I think these might be a great gift to give out to your Zumba class or something. Maybe even as a prize or gift for new members who show up without a bottle. I bought six of the eco-canteens from Woot back in the day with the same idea.