EMTEC GEMBox Video Game Console

This user really shows how to utilize our GEM Box:


Amazon listing:


And a PC Mag review:

I’m intrigued by the gamefly streaming aspect, but probably not $95 intrigued. At any rate, regular price is $99 at Amazon, with free shipping.

Hey ruancaiman!

Just a heads up, this box does a LOT, aside from GameFly.

The GEM Box is an Android based operating system, with our UI. You can download from Google Play and/or Aptoide and can also sideload APKs.

You can use it with Kodi, do retro gaming with emulators, use a built-in version of Moonlight (GEM Stream) to stream your PC’s desktop or PC games, use it as a multimedia center, browse the web, use it with/as a server, Play Android games, Mirror your Android Phone, share files with networked devices, AND Play GameFly…

Just Sayin’

Does it have an MPEG-2 hardware decoder?

LOL! Had to get your KODI refrence in there. Good for you. That’s sure to sell a few more units.

What a scumbag.

Not sure how that makes me a “scumbag” or what a “refrence” is, but thanks for the feedback hvj17!

Hi Vashawn75,

The MPEG-2 HW decoder is supported. You’ll need to use player that supports it.

I’d guess he’s referring to the massive amount of “Jailbroken blah blah KODI boxes” out there.


Thanks for the clarification, vashawn75.

We don’t sell our GEM Box with Kodi installed.

I was referring to how you can download it from the Google Play store and use it as a media server.

I knew and used Kodi when it was XBMC, so it’s come a long way from where it used to be…

Saying a device supports Kodi does Not make him a “scumbag”.

If he was saying you get Free unlimited Hollywood movies via Kodi then you might have a case. But he didn’t.