Energizer Max AA & AAA Battery Combo Pack

Energizer Max AA & AAA Battery Combo Pack


I’ll probably get this comment deleted or flagged for this. I buy “stuff” many times a week from Amazon, and quite often from Woot. I started back when Woot was Woot - a tiny warehouse in Texas.

Be VERY careful buying batteries online. I’ve resorted to just buying them from big-box stores. At least I know I have real, fresh batteries. Yes, I pay more. But we’ve had many things damaged by batteries that… let’s just say they weren’t what was represented. Look over the reviews of this product (sort by most recent).


Nope. :grinning:


Typo in the customer note.


Wow - all the AAAs are sold out.

Did someone forget to tell me about a AAA battery shortage?


I see people buying cheaper batteries all the time and having decent luck. I’ve used Amazon batteries in the past (and still do) but not all rate the same. I like their D’s and C’s. But for critical devices such as smoke/Co2 alarms, I won’t use anything but Energizer lithium. Expensive yes but you get what you pay for.

I’m sure to get flamed for this but I will never ever use Duricells again. I’ve got many years of camping under by belt (2 boys are eagle scouts) so I’ve gone through my fair share of batteries. I’ve had more flashlights and GPS devices ruined (not including remotes at home) by leaky Duracell than any other type. Yes, they all will leak but my best dependable battery has always been Energizers. This is a handy link if you really want to see a head-to-head no-frills test of batteries from different brands. I’ve had some of these, gotten here off Woot, and can just say, this guy is spot on with his test results.


I give Woot credit… As a long time user, they don’t whitewash the comment section. I actually trust the woot comments over Amazon reviews in some cases.


I agree…that honesty and everyone bringing their A game of Unique Quips comments and GiF twists…once in awhile, reminds me of how fun the internet was before 2008 or so


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Got off topic reminiscing…

I meant to add it would be cool to see the date printed on pkg fronts for this lot…


I was thinking the same.

But in the end I have to ask myself, even if they’ve lost 2-3 years of their shelf life, am I really going to not use them in 7 years?

With my kid, they’ll be gone by summer.


I’ve had more flashlights and GPS devices ruined (not including remotes at home) by leaky Duracell than any other type

I bought a bunch of Ray-O-Vacs from Woot a few years ago. I didn’t have any complaint about their longevity, I used them in flashlights and remote controls. They were the worst for leaking than anything I’ve ever used.


Lucas batteries are the worst leakers




Cheaper on the mothership


Thanks for posting, and thanks for the link.

We were watching with some of the medical staff and veterans.

They were surprised that Amazon Basics did so well.

We use to just purchase what was on sale at the big box stores.

We have purchase some from IKEA because we needed some and they were there.

We will be watching that YouTuber’s other videos.

Thanks again! :+1:

We love reading the discussions on Woot!

We feel the same about the comments and reviews here versus elsewhere.

The discussion and comments help us be better informed shoppers.:+1::grin:

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I call them Ray O crap.

Energizer MAX AA Batteries (48 Pack), Double A Alkaline Batteries are $29.99 here and $24.99 on the mothership site. Thanks for the awesome deal Woot!