Ethan Williams Soft Sueded T-Shirt 3-Pk

Ethan Williams Soft Sueded T-Shirt 3-Pk

I’m first, I’m first! Send me my bag of crap!

Oh wait, wrong woot. :frowning:

Looking forward to giving my son the shirts at Christmas to wear under his dress shirt for work.

These shirts are great. See my comments from last night’s long sleeved version. I have about 20.

Nope. Too much work.

I bought a 3-pack last time around. Got 'em and wished I’d ordered a whole lot more. Now, thankfully, here they are again.

Sizing …do they run with normal sizing or do do they fit tight? Help on sizing please :slight_smile:

Here are the comments from the long-sleeved shirts from yesterday:

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So I bought these shirts and I do love them! Wished I would have purchased more! However does anyone know how they compare to the shirts they have on here that are all crew necks? I attached a link. They arent soft suede. They are original cotton. If anyone has any insights it would be greatly appreciated.

I doubt that other shirts will approach the quality of the Ethan Williams suedes cotton ones. They are the nicest I’ve ever owned. If you do go for the organic ones, please let us know how you like them.

I just now see that the organic ones are also Ethan Williams made. They look very fine and I’d consider them so do let us know what you like about them. I am using a phone and couldn’t see the brand or photos when I commented to you previously.

Yeah I purchased about 4 packs of them because I truly love the super soft suede ones. These crew necks are good under shirts. they are sized the same as the soft suede ones. I havent washed them yet to see how well they hold up and the material with the organic cotton is practically see thru. I enjoy them however I still prefer jockey as the white grey or black undershirt of choice. These are a close second to Calvin Klein albeit the colors like the metallic blue and things looks really good under polos and other shirts so I def like the purchase. But I’m like you. The ethan Williams soft suede are my fav by a long shot!