Eton American Red Cross Solarlink Radio

Have one. Love it. Sure wish we hadn’t paid almost $60 for it. Really good deal.

I really enjoyed this Eton product that arrived just before Superstorm Sandy hit, and that made me feel all ready for it. Lucky me, though, nothing happened to my own house. My parents were hit hard and lost power for weeks, however. I am tempted to make this a holiday gift for them in case they are stuck without power again. The Eton products seem to be well made and sturdy.

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But will I be able to play the piano?

I have a crank power radio similar to this. It’s invaluable in an emergency. If you don’t have one in your emergency kit, buy one. If you don’t have an emergency kit, start one. If you have both… carry on, my wayward son.

I recently purchased the flashlight version of this product, mainly for the USB charger built in. While the charger is functional, it only charges a device while the crank is actively being turned. The battery in the gadget is not used to power the USB charger.

Has some mixed reviews:

I ordered this just 11/20 on one of the Woot!Plus sites…for $35.00. It was allegedly just shipped to me today. Good move, Woot.

Damned good things the Redskins won tonight, I gotta say.

The reviews aren’t very good on, either…

And I was looking for one that was both solar and crank powered.

Placed an order but decided to cancel it. I was going to give these as gifts but I don’t want to give people something is undependable in an emergency situation. :frowning:

Looking at the reviews I’ve never understood why products will have such a large discrepancy in the reviews, with some people having great success with the product and other people not. Could be that manufacturing standards are lower now? No doubt these things are made in China.

This radio is a POS. Got one for xmas. Antenna pulled out so now it won’t stay up. It eats batteries. had to replace the rechargable battery. Solar is all but useless and it’s RF sensitivity is really bad (even before the attenna broke). The crank works but plan on a few hours of cranking if you want to chage a usb connected cell phone. WORTHLESS>

I bought the white one of these a while back. The first time I pulled the antenna up, it slid right out and fell apart. Without an antenna I am not sure what good it is, maybe a wind up flashlight? This is one of very few things I think was a total waste of money.

This is Solar and Crank powered…

I can assure you of this: now that the price has gone from the $35.00 I paid to $19.99, mine will be crank powered.

I paid $35 shipped for this on a previous woot and the have had no problems with it at all. It sits in a sunny window and gets played 3-4 hours a day on the solar charged battery alone. I keep a pack of AAA’s handy in case of emergencyies but they’re collecting dust for now.

Ouch! This radio is really getting a bad rap - here are my experiences with it …

I bought a Solarlink FR360 emergency radio by Eton from L.L.Bean a few years ago (it appears to be the same as this, just in a different color and without the Red Cross logo).

My favorite feature on the radio is the “ALERT” setting which I find very helpful living in the Midwest. I keep the NOAA radio tuned to my local station and if/when there is an emergency broadcast, the radio will turn itself on. I keep this radio in my bedroom and can hear it on the other side of the house when it goes off (volume is adjustable). My NOAA station is clear with great reception.

The AM/FM radio is decent (one should not expect symphony sounds from an emergency radio). I haven’t had any trouble with the antenna when I have used it. The flashlight is bright and has different settings (a constant white light and a flashing red light). Yes it does take some effort to generate power by the hand-crank - but it is there if you run out of other options (electricity, sun, or batteries). I did order the ac adapter from Eton (not included) and just keep it plugged in all the time (which charges the rechargeable battery).

I am very happy with my radio! When L.L.Bean offered a smaller version, I bought two (one for each car). I would not hesitate to buy this radio again if I needed another.

Price Comparisons - Who Wins?

Today on Woot = $24.99 shipped for 1. ($19.99 + $5 shipping)

Amazon = $49.32 ships free

Cabela’s = $39.99 + free in store pickup or home delivery extra shipping charges.

MWave = $42.00 + shipping

Home Depot = $59.99 + ships free

Woot Wins
Woot stands out with this deal as the next closest price is close to double after factoring in shipping.

Prices as listed are a sampling as I could find in a food faith web search. These reflect also the best lowest advertised price I could find. As it is impossible to search every possible sale you may find a lower price on your own web search.

I have one of these, and I am not a fan of it. Charging the radio either involves cranking, using the solar panel on the top, or plugging it into an outlet using an AC adapter.

The solar panel is barely serviceable at best, cranking becomes tedious, and it doesn’t come with an AC adapter. That will cost you an additional $10. The dial for tuning radio station is also inconsistent, with the station sometimes jumping backwards or stuttering in place when turned. It’s also a very short crank, and kind of uncomfortable.

There is a newer model, the FRX3, which I would endorse over this. It has been updated to acknowledge the realities of living in 2012, as instead of using an AC adapter, it has an mini USB port, that is used with many modern cell phone chargers, making it easy to juice it up from more places in an emergency. I do wish that it used a micro USB port instead, which is what cell phones are moving to now, which would mean that the same cable could be used to both charge the radio, as well as charge phones, but let’s face it, USB cables are vastly easier to source and plug into, say, a car outlet using an adapter, as opposed to needing to find an inverter.

Still, at the time, it was a pretty good purchase, although I’ve never had to use it for its intended purpose yet. Hopefully, I never have to.

You and me both…I’m gonna buy this one for a Christmas present I think though.