ETQ TG32P12 4000W Gas Generator

It has the wheel kit right? At least it says so under “in the box”

[MOD: Yes, it has the wheel kit.]

Maybe ‘solid’, but I always look at the Negative reviews, too.

My feeling on reading the stories of the 15 who gave it one star? “You get what you pay for.”

If a generator is so important in your life, buy a Honda or similar.

I’ve had one of these since just before Hurricane Irene (2011). In the aftermath of Irene, we were without power for 5-1/2 days and the generator worked flawlessly. In the aftermath of the 2011 Halloween Snowgeddon, we were without power for 2 days and the generator worked flawlessly (never lost power in Sandy). We ran it for about two hours out of every 4 (off for six hours overnight) and it did always start up - but it did need a couple of pulls in the morning. Anyway, a few points about this generator:

  1. Like any of these generators, it should NOT be run at more than 50% continuous power for long periods of time (i.e., about 1600 or 1700 watts)

  2. Like all such generators, you should run it under load at least once a month. I let it power my clothes washer or use it to power my weed whacker.

  3. Like all such generators, make sure you are good about changing the oil.

  4. If it’s been sitting for more than a few hours, I find it needs a number of pulls before it starts. Generally, I give it a couple of pulls and then walk away for a minute or two, then come back and it will start up.

  5. If you’re smart with your use of appliances and don’t keep it running all the time, you can get this thing to give you a full 24 hours on about 4 gals on fuel. During Snowgeddon, we ran the furnace for about an hour every four hours, the refrigerator for about an hour every four hours, and had it off the other two hours. As the people in Brooklyn and NJ found out during Sandy, minimizing your use of gasoline is a good idea after a storm.

Au contraire… Harbor Freight has a 4000 watt, 212cc generator showing right now for $339.99 (before using any coupons). They also offer the California version. Plenty of reviews, averages 4 out of 5 stars.

If this was for a Honda or even a Generac it would be a different story. As is, it’s just an okay deal on a little known name.

IMO, its a toss up. It may be a good deal it may not. There have been posts of problem getting parts and warranty claims…Anyone find the ETQ web site??

Hondas break as well as these do. They make some nice relatively quiet inverter models which I were considering until the one at work had a burned out inverter. The part to repair it cost as much as this.

If you want a fairly quiet one, Honda and Yamaha both make one in the 3000+ Watt range that allow you to have a conversation right next to it without yelling at each other. I’ve had both brands and the models I had were within a decibel or two of each other for their noise rating.

Hwever, expect to pay at least $1,500 more for that quietness! This is a great deal if you can put up with the noise.

I have a similar Harbor Freight 3KW model which cost the same as this. It has worked well for us through 3 multi day outages. It runs the fridge, a small window AC (or the furnace) and a few lights/TV/cable modem.
It is very important to think about how you will hook it up to your house.

  1. Just use properly rated long extension cords. You won’t be able to power your furnace since it is hard wired.
  2. Get an electrician to install a transfer switch. It is a small circuit breaker panel which mounts next to your main panel. It will probably cost more than the generator, but for most people it is worth it.
  3. You can get a “furnace transfer switch” which powers only the furnace and use extension cords for everything else.

NEVER hook a generator to your house wiring without a transfer switch. You may kill the lineman who is trying to restore power.

4 gallons of gas weighs about 24lbs…I learned this from “Car Wars”.

The warranty service is through AWS and you are getting two years instead of the standard one year warranty. You will receive warranty information with the generator.

Country of Origin: China

Here is a clue - there is no 240 hookup that I see on this. Which is the only thing preventing me from pulling trigger well that an I’d need at least 6000W.

I saw an earlier comment about someone hooking up their cloths washer once a month to keep it in condition - DO NOT DO THIS. Even top dollar generators aren’t rated to handle consistent enough power to run things like washers and dryers. I’m not saying it won’t work - I’m telling you it will cause damage over time to your washer / dryer.

My apologies as this unity does support a 240v twist lock - found out once reviewed on another site.

They also are advertising they are safe for your washing machine - so my opinion is hook it up - run it till you kill it - then let them replace it :slight_smile:

Coal stove? It’s got a fan on it right? It’ll probably do the job, but you’re pushing it. I gave up with pull start equipment when I tore a ligement in my arm. now i can go outside in the rainstorm or blizzard and key start my 14KW genny with a key.

While good advice in general, this particular risk is easily removed by simply ensuring that the big main breaker for the incoming power from the street is OFF before connecting the generator to the house wiring, and that it REMAINS OFF until the generator is disconnected again.

I have my generator back-feeding my panel via a 240V circuit in my detached garage. I throw the main breaker in the house off, head to the garage and connect the generator to the input panel I wired in, and I’m good to go. No risk of back-feeding the power beyond the house.

And yes, if not done properly, that is a big hazard. The same transformers that step the distribution voltage down from X-thousand volts to 240 volts inbound will just as easily convert your 240V back to X-thousand volts in the other direction where the crews are working. KEEP THIS IN MIND!

Coal stove? It’s got a fan on it right? It’ll probably do the job, but you’re pushing it. I gave up with pull start equipment when I tore a ligement in my arm. now i can go outside in the rainstorm or blizzard and key start my 14KW genny.

Yes, Yes, and, if you have enough gasoline on hand to keep it going, yes.
Though I would recommend storing the gas AWAY from the room with the other two items. Gasoline vapors are not compatible with coal stoves or oil burners and can be non-compatible with old fridges that spark when the compressor kicks on…or is the problem that the vapors are EXTREMELY compatible with spark sources… I’ll let you pick. Love that quality post BTW

I have one of these ETQs. First one I bought I had to take back to Home Depot because it didn’t work. Bought it through their website and they don’t know what to do with it once you have put gas in it (can’t ship it anywhere).

Bought another one because of the price and just wanted it for use with my travel trailer when tailgating. Worked like a champ the first 2 days I had it. Fired up smooth, people commented on how quiet it was compared to their non-Hondas. THEN, it started tripping when i turned on the A/C and it couldn’t maintain the load. I had purchased AFTER doing calcs to make sure there would be plenty of load capacity.

I figured out that though they say it is rated for 33AMPS you really are getting two- 15 AMP circuits that are NOT connected. Note that means you can’t power more than 15 AMPS with this (really less) without a trip.

No warranty support, no parts available to swap out (without assuming your own risk). Its currently in my garage not working and sitting next to a replacement generator. Stay away from this one.

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With my recent run of bad luck with woot… I’ll pass