Ezonics iContact Pro II Webcam w/ Bluetooth Headset and Dongle


check the comparison site listings for this one on the blog… i love bluetooth… almost as much as snaggletooth… true story… plus, it says dongle… hehe… DONGLE

Can I use the bluetooth dongle for any bluetooth device?? Thanks in advance…

That’s a really good woot! I just spent $50 for a cam, $35 for a headset, and $15 for a dongle.

MUST have nightvison tech for me as some previous Woots.

think teh bluethooth headset would work with a cellphone?

this is good for ps3 users. well the headset is

Does that headset thing just stick in your ear? Gross!

But other than that, it’s a pretty cool setup for $30.

Do a lot of bluetooth Dongles not work with Vista? This doesn’t say it works with vista, and the Dell keyboard/mouse bluetooth set sold during the Woot Off says that it will not work with Vista on Dell’s website.

Froogle Prices…looks like a good deal.

Click here

The whole dongle term just kills me!!! What makes someone name something a DONGLE??

Quit it with the first posts!

Anyone know if this headset is any good? I need a cheap bluetooth headset for my phone and missed out on the Logitech one from the woot-off.

On the other hand, not a bad price for a dongle and a headset!

It says the headset can be used with a phone. I guess I am under the “I don’t get it” club.

Can I use this headset with my other BT stuff? Like my laptop and cell phone?

Quality is poor on these. Both Webcam and Bluetooth.

Wow not bad, froogle has cheapest $75


Just discovered www.stickam.com and have been enjoying my anonymous lurking there. Can’t really bring myself to publicly broadcoast, plus using a regular webcam with a laptop blows. This clamp might be handy… but I’ve never heard of this brand. o_O

I’ve never heard of this but looking at froogle it is an amazing deal

Bought 2, i’ve been promising the girlfriend i’d get them, eh, I have extra money this money anyway