Face Masks, Pack of 100

Face Masks, Pack of 100

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Hi Woot.
6 weeks ago I purchased single packs of 50 for $34.99 (with a later price drop). Now you are selling twice that amount for $32.99. If I wait another 6 weeks will the price drop to prepandemic levels?


There’s a good chance that will happen. We’re working to get the best price we can under the circumstances and monitoring the marketplace prices.


I purchased some masks at my local store and they were garbage, could someone tell me what level are these masks ?

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The same garbage.


Thanks. I don’t regret buying earlier because I have allergies and at the time I’d thought I was going to have to go back in to the office to work. But the company sent an email saying that we will be wfh at least until Sept.

Cloth face masks are fine for most things but if I have to talk on the phone, then disposable will best. Before all this one box of 20 lasted 4-6 months but with COVID-19 I figure I’ll need many more unless I trust my co-workers. Of course I don’t need any for work at home. No allergies at home unless I clean! Yes I really a allergic to work! LOL.

So thanks for the answer, I’ll consider all the options,


Walgreens have the good ones, 50 for $90.00
You dont want to use the cheap ones because it gives you zero protection.
You want to use the one that protects you

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I was considering on purchasing this offer, but is the cheap ones, why save on a product that will protect you ?
Listing is also vague no level is mentioned.

I purchased masks regularly for allergies before COVID-19. All of them are made in China. The white ones the Dollar Tree sells are only two layers and the worst. The blue ones CVS and Walmart sold were comparable —3 layer earloop masks. They are the ones I used to buy but are now unavailable. The last package I was able to buy locally was 3 layer blue ones from Dollar General with a Rexall brand. They were a bit thicker than the Walmart/CVS brands and darker blue in color and felt different, stiffer material but otherwise comparable. The ones I brought from Woot I was able to compare only to the remaining Rexall ones. They seem comparable but not as stiff in feel. The blue is lighter than usual but the same thickness as Rexall brand. The only negative is that the ear loops connection point is slightly smaller. I wore one to a first aid class last week and the ear loops broke after repeated taking it off and back on (for the cpr training—the class was socially distanced with one dummy per student). But if you are going to wear the mask and remove it only a few times, then the ear loops are fine.

I hope this lengthy review helps.


Thanks you
How much were the Dollar General ones?
It says on the website $1.50 for 10
I purchased a 10 pack of masks at dollar tree in January but is the worst quality, I dont understand how they sell them.

What level are these woot ones?

Ours are 3 layers:

3-ply non-woven polypropylene outer layer / polypropylene melt blown filler middle layer / non-woven polypropylene inner layer

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Yes, but what level? I know is 3 ply but what level is it ?

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Who is the seller for this product?

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They are all just for show if you live somewhere where you can’t even get into a store without being hassled. They don’t protect you so might as well get them as cheap as possible.


These are made in China.

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Thats why doctors use maks because it protects you, the cheap ones will not help you, if you want to be protected you need a high level mask but you have to spend more money to get that level.


Do you know what the dimensions of these masks? Some are very small. I want to make sure these will fit an adult face. Thx

What are the dimensions of the mask?

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Uhhhnn, NO. You wear these masks to protect those OTHER PEOPLE around you -from your coughs, breath, and spittle; and expect them to wear their mask to protect YOU when around others. So have a few extra to provide to your family and friends, etc. And WEAR a mask when out 'n about with others.


Thanks for bringing the hammer down. The number of people who think these masks are supposed to keep viruses out of the wearer’s lungs is staggering.