FenSens Smart Wireless Parking Sensor

Bought this last time it was on Woot. Keep your money. You have to always re-pair this w/your phone in order to get the back-up beeps. It does not work reliably and if you happen to connect your phone to your car via bluetooth it works even worse. A good idea but poorly executed. Anyone want to buy mine?

oh yea, these aren’t very good. I have one as well and never use it cause it always needs to resync or re-pair. I will give it credit though, it makes a great anti-theft license plate holder.

Be aware that in some states a cop on a bad day can pull you over for this - it blocks part of the state name which, in many states, is a ticketable offense.

also… be aware that after installation your windshield wiper knob will move ever so slightly.

I assumed that it moves the wiper control when you tap the button. Either way, not sure that’s what I want.