FenSens Wireless HD Backup Camera V2

FenSens Wireless HD Backup Camera V2

What’s with the vintage steering wheel used to show how the button mounts when most steering wheels aren’t designed that way? I hope this works out for me. My rear sonar system has been acting up being disabled and I don’t want to invest in replacing sensors if I can use something like this

here’s A Youtube review … but it doesn’t say V2 … so maybe this V2 has fixed the issues the reviewer had??? Maybe???

From their website:

Version 2 with an enhanced chipset.

Two seconds scanning the manual they gave a link to and you’ll see the wheel mount is only an option.

This very similar model is on sale at Costco for $99.99: https://www.costco.com/type-s-solar-powered-hd-quick-connect-wireless-backup-camera.product.100425010.html

It comes with it’s own 5" screen, so it doesn’t require an app on your phone and it launches immediately with a wave of your hand or hitting the button on top of the screen. It’s worked great for me. The downside would be that it’s 720p instead of 1080p, and it doesn’t come with security screws.

They also have a 6.8" version for $169.99: https://www.costco.com/type-s-6.8"-widescreen-solar-powered-hd-wireless-backup-camera.product.100504814.html

It adds touchscreen to adjust the parking lines and the ability to add an optional 2nd camera to the front.


Need to check : this looks like it may block text on the bottom of the plate which in many states is not legal.

I bought the previous version in April. It is basically unusable. The app takes far to long to connect to the camera to be of any practical use. Hard Pass

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Per the features, it’s included.

OP was concerned it was steering wheel mount only and whether it would fit modern steering wheels. Not that the button was included or not. Per the linked manual you can remove the wheel clip and then mount it anywhere.

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Never mind.

Continue on.

I know it’s an option. I’m just saying the steering wheel they chose as a model looks like it’s from 1950’s

Oh, the entire car is. Look at the dash.

So now we know it will fit a Volkswagen Karmann Ghia (1955–1974).

That is great news for the VW KG Owners groups!

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Gold star for identifying the car!


I have the Costco one mentioned at it works great. I wish these cameras also had even a simple sensor to detect. Seems like that is a separate product and it would be nice to combine it.

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What is the range on this? Would it work on the back of a travel trailer or would that be too far away? Does it use WIFI or Bluetooth or something else to communicate with the phone?

Why buy this when you can duct tape a phone to the back of the truck then facetime yourself on your wife’s phone? If you buy this you will miss out on so much fun!

Hey Larry, try googling your make/model/year and backup sensor problems. Mine stopped working in an '04 SUV and its often the speaker that goes bad (if it’s just a beeping kind) and not the sensor. Speaker was less than $10 and located beneath one of the easily removable dashboard panels. Some mechanically inclined people pulled a speaker out of a clock radio and used that as a replacement as well.

I did search Google and too saw how many have bad speakers. My speaker still works because I can hear the diagnostic code beep when the sonar is disabled. The codes I get call out the 2 sensors on the right. Thanks for the info though :+1: