Fleur de Sel Salted Chocolate Caramels

Are these the good ones that everyone raves about?

yes. Went through 3 boxes of them last year

FINALLY!!! I was wondering if I was going to see them on here again. These are the BOMB! Hands down the best sea salted caramels I’ve had. If you like to only eat a couple of week like I do, they last forever in the freezer. Just take out what you want to eat and let them thaw overnight!!!

As good as they sound, better than you heard. These thangs are legit. In for 3. Simply the ish.

Yes, these are awesome!! Been waiting for these


I figure I’ll try them out.

Got these from wine.woot back in the day and they’re really good. But if it’s the only thing you get from Woot today, $23 + $5 shipping means you’re paying a buck apiece for the approx 28 pieces.

oh yes they are

Maybe someone can clear this up - It says under nutrition info a serving is one piece, and there are 28 servings, but both the picture and product description seem to indicate you get both the milk and the dark (nor can I find a choose which flavor on the order page which leads me to believe its both), which if the picture is accurate is twice that - 56 pieces.

So is it 28 half of each, or 56 half of each like the picture?

I know everyone raves about these and I finally gave in and bought some last time around. I guess my palate must not be that sophisticated because I didn’t think they lived up to all the hype.

They were good and all (not worth the money IMHO), but after all the insane craziness on here over them, it was anticlimactic for me.

I didn’t order them last time - resisted the urge. Then had to read all the posts about how good they were.

Not making that mistake again.

Yes, these are the one we all rave about over on wine.woot and in for the max, again. The salt finish on these is just amazing in contrast to the chocolate, and with some good grape juice, even better.

Sigh. WD is killing me.

Walk into a gift store that sells salted caramels individually, and tell me how much they sell a piece. I bet you won’t find any for less than $0.80. For caramels that are THIS good, it’s worth the extra twenty cents or so. Period.

You should know better by now. You know WW rocks.

Two layers: One layer of 28 dark chocolate, and one layer of 28 milk chocolates.

Good question!

I’ve been waiting for these for months. The salt on top has to be the dried tears of angels crying over how tasty these are.

Glad to see you finally actually listen to us TT!

squeeee! the only question is how many boxes to get

bought them twice already. first time one box. second time two. i think this might be a pattern…