Fluval View 3.96 Gallon Aquarium

Time to check out the product page and pretty good reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) over at amazon

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Fluval View 3.96 Gallon Aquarium
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3/26/2014 - $39.99 - 23 comment(s)

My Note from last time:

FYI LED lighting like this is not strong enough to grow plants. Also DO NOT PUT GOLDFISH IN THIS TANK.

That is all.

-Why no goldfish? They are dirty and will die of ammonia poisoning due to the tank not being big enough.

-What to put in it? Maybe a betta fish and some nerite snails if the water flow is low enough. Might even get away with some ghost shrimp. I would avoid schooling fish as you would not be able to put enough in there due to the size.

O and here is the last sale:

I found built in filter utterly ineffective, and due to the shape of the tank, it’s nearly impossible to replace with another hang on tank filter. I’d gotten this to use as a hospital tank, but between the tall & thin shape and the crappy filter, it’s useless for that.

The one thing it is good for that I’ve found is quarantining new plants. The tall and thin design works well for that. The fact that the light isn’t enough to grow plants isn’t such an issue when the plants are only in there for a couple weeks while I make sure they didn’t bring any hitchhikers in with them.

thank you for the heads up and thank you for the link (those are exactly what i was looking for). :slight_smile:

Just want to add something, the last sale someone says “dont forget the heater” in regards to guppies… NO!! WAY too small of a tank for a heater.

Actually they make heaters that are non adjustable that you could fit in the filter compartment. My problem with this is that the lighting is really insufficient as is the flow and filtration. You’d be better off building your own pico system. In this case you get what you pay for.This is a gimmicky non serious hobbyist product.

(I hope this isn’t too confusing but here goes…)

Amazon has great reviews on this tank.
I’m definitely considering buying it to upgrade from a 15 gallon tank that currently has only two fish. My tank looked nice new but not anymore. I decided to do some research on my current tank - the brand, reliability, etc. I found VERY little info other than it being a cheap and unknown brand (in THEE fish-tank world) with numerous complaints, etc. And I also agree the quality of MY tank is crap.

SO!! WOOT’S little tank sounds perfect for my two little fishies. :slight_smile: I’m going for it.

I was looking to get a black mystery snail. They, according to the internet, will eat buildup off of the sides of the tank. Do you think this would be good for a little snail like that? And perhaps a fishie?

How is this an upgrade from a 15 gallon tank?

What type of fish are they? As mentioned above, this is really only suited for a betta.

This will be harder to maintain than your current tank; the larger the body of water, the more stable it is.

Does your tank have an integrated filter? By your statements, I’m guessing so. If not, you may need to upgrade your filtration system (I’m a big fan of Penguin bio-Wheel filters).

How often are you doing water changes? Vacuum the gravel?

A 4 gallon tank could support a betta and a snail or two pretty comfortably. Anything else is pushing it. It could also house two small community fish like platies or mollies, but they would not be very happy fish. You could also get away with three small cardinal tetras.

A heater is definitely a must unless you keep your home at a constant 75 degrees F.

All great info DarkZrobe! The only thing I would add is this tank size could potentially be very nice for freshwater dwarf shrimp, such as red cherry shrimp. Depending on the ambient temperature, no heater would be needed. Some low light plants like Java Fern/Moss may do well in there also if there is enough regular lighting in the room that the aquarium would be placed.

DON’T BUY!!! We had purchased their Chi tank and after two weeks we woke one morning to find no water in the tank. The seals failed and we lost our fish and it damaged our brand new kitchen flooring. We contacted the store we bought it from, they told us they’d replace the tank. We contacted the manufacturer and they told us to file a claim with our insurance company. They are refusing to work with us to reimburse us for the cost of the new flooring we had to rip out and replace.

Seconded. We have a goldfish tank in the lab where I teach, and some of the goldfish are so big now that I might bait a hook and see if I can catch a couple.

I was always partial to Neons myself, they seem like they might be OK in this tank. But I’m not a fish expert by any stretch of the imagination.