Water Garden Self-Cleaning Fish Tank

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Water Garden Self-Cleaning Fish Tank
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WTF? plastic fish tank $8.00, Plastic lid with holes $4.00, Plant seed $4.00
Betta fish $3.00
Water treatment chemicals $3.00
Betta food $8.00 for a years supply.

Can I put 2 gold fish and decorations in there?

Coming from an aquarist: PLEASE avoid wasting your money on these, or any tank that claims to be self cleaning or automatic. No tank of any type is fully self sufficient, and will still require upkeep, cleaning, and partial water changes, or the fish will die VERY quickly.

Its also worth mentioning that goldfish cannot go in a tank this small, as they will die quickly not having enough space to breathe, and create waste much quicker than other types of fish. Betta fish can go into a tank this small, as they can breathe though the surface of the water, and create less waste.

Please also remember to add places for fish to swim around or hide in, or they’ll be very scared and stressed.

But yeah word to the wise, these plant tanks are usually a huge rip off that kill fish quick. You can get tanks much bigger and better for MUCH cheaper elsewhere. $80 can get you a 40 gallon tank easily.

Hells no! Not even one. Google care for goldfish and you will discover they need more space and care then you realize.

Thank you. I appreciate the information. Too bad I couldn’t have a fish and a plant in kitchen. Love fishes though, so will heed your advice.

Thank you. I appreciate your time.

In addition to all the other points mentioned above, even though Bettas are kept in those ridiculous little bowls at pet stores, they really do require a constant water temperature - around 75 degrees - & thus require an aquarium heater. Even though there are aquarium heaters made for very small tanks, I don’t see where/how one could add one to this one due to the planted lid.

Long time serious aquarist here. Please do not buy unit like this for yourself or as a gift with the expectation that it’s a set it and forget it kind of thing. While the basic concept has some good ideas behind it, there is no way to create a completely enclosed ecosystem to support even one fish, much less in a bare bones kit like this. Plus the tank size is pushing the lower limit on what a betta really needs :confused:

If you want an example, think of it this way: lock a medium sized dog in a single 10x10 room, with no windows, no furnace, no AC, nothing but a single live potted tree to pee on, a composter for it’s poop and a small desk fan for air circulation. It could survive in that, but it wouldn’t be very healthy or happy. That’s the canine equivalent of this betta fish tank.

I use live plants myself to help filter water in my aquaria, both aquatic plants and nonaquatic (usually pothos ivy) in an aquaponics fashion. And it really does help a lot with keeping water quality good. However, a simple aquaponics system like this is simply not enough to keep a fish happy and healthy. Heck, I have a 75 gallon aquarium that is almost completely low tech, and it still requires a fair amount of care and attention (tho far less than a high tech tank would).

Subreddits /r/Aquariums and /r/PlantedTank can offer a lot of info, if you’re truly interested.

You totally can - it’s just that this particularly product a very poor way to do so. I would think the limiting factor would be the space in one’s kitchen available to hold a properly sized and set up aquaponics tank, plus the cost and time involved in doing it properly.

To piggy-back off the other aquarium gurus here:

In my experience and research, even a betta should not be kept in a tank this small. In the wild, they live in slow-moving rivers and streams. Anything less than a filtered, heated (and cycled!) 5g tank will not provide an optimal living environment for a betta fish.

This is just my two cents, but always do your research before buying a new pet! A betta fish is a 3-5 year commitment. Most other species of fish are even longer. If you’re looking for an aquarium pet for a child that requires less maintenance, try sea monkeys.

edit: I reread that last line, and I wanted to make sure it doesn’t come off as harsh or condescending… I am not trying to bash anyone who buys their kid a fish, just offering an alternative option.

I have some past experience with keeping a small fish(goldfish, betta,etc.) alive in a small tank, and doing so in such a small tank is NOT easy.

You have to watch for algae, fungus, and a number of other things to keep your fish healthy - let a long happy. “Small tank” aquariums are a LOT of work and can be very time consuming despite the ‘small’ size. Take the other poster’s advice and do not consider this product unless you know what you are doing - unless you happen to like killing little fish.

If you buy this do not put anything alive in the bottom. Fish will not be able to live in this for long. This is a terrible idea.

Go get money from the bank
to buy this self cleaning tank.
You fish will be happy
and not feel all crappy.
And they will have you to thank.



As an aquarist, shouldn’t you also mention that bettas are tropical fish and need heated water? It is cruel to keep a betta in an unheated tank.

Can I raise a few Coho salmon & maybe a few lobster in this?

Turn the heat up in your house to 80 degrees. problem solved…