Water Garden Self-Cleaning Fish Tank

Mmmm … sprouts watered with fish urine! I’ll be in for three right after the apocalypse.

Ummm… you DO know how they fertilize vegetables grown in the dirt… right? It’s not with urine and it’s not from fish.

Disappointed in Woot. This tank is TOO small for any fish, and in the aquarium community would be considered inhuman.

Please consider this for the future Woot. I’m not the kind to throw paint on a fur coat, but this is akin to slowly drowning.

While your personal opinion may be that this offer is too small for a single fish, if you google “betta barracks” you will see the “aquarium community” doesn’t seem to have a problem with it. There is a large selection of betta housing products that are a fraction of this size.

This tank is absolutely big enough for a single betta fish, and furthermore it’s a great size for 2-4 neon tetras and a snail. I have the previous model water garden and haven’t had any problems with the right size of fish.

What kind of fish do you think this tank is made for? Humpback Whales? This is fine for a Beta.

Agreed, regardless of what others have replied or claim it doesn’t change the fact that it is still too small for that type of fish.

Not suitable for fish - period.

As for those who suggested “perfectly suitable” for Bettas (& Neon Tetras???) - not so.

Both Bettas (tiny little unadorned/equipped bowls in the pet stores notwithstanding) are TROPICAL fish & require supplemental heat. Even if this little plant/aquarium setup “might” have enough room for one Betta, I don’t see how there’s any way or room for an aquarium heater.

According to nippyfish.net:

“With enough education, less people will purchase these tiny containers and hopefully, one day, aquariums marketed to bettas will be filtered, heated, 3-5gal (12-20L) tanks with silk or real plants which will keep any betta safe and happy for their full lifespan.”

But they should have said ‘fewer’, not ‘less’.
Can you trust them?

How do you know when the fish is cold? Does it shiver or shed a tear?

Personally, I like cold fish … swimming in teriyaki with wasabi and a side of saki. If you don’t like cold fish I suggest you warm it up on the stove, or let it cuddle up to your vegan cat.

Your opinions have no bearing on whether this product works as advertised. I’ve kept betta in a bowl for years. Room temperature water doesn’t kill them, but contaminated water and over/under feeding does. If this product provides a balanced system as advertised then its worth owning.

Thank you for your authoritative post.

Not only that, the original complaint post said they would suffer inhuman conditions, which, given it’s for a fish, seems about right. Human conditions would leave them unable to take in oxygen, or move.

Bettas are very robust. I’m sure I’m not an expert, but I once “rescued” a betta from a small tank that had been accidentally exposed to very cold air. I’d say the tank water was well below 40 deg F. He snapped right back and very happy after he warmed up to room temp.

And here I was concerned that placing the aquarium in a sunny window area where the plants would get enough light to grow would be too much light for the fish.

So what plants come with this anyway? Some of these pictured seem to have greatly differing watering needs, so wondering, and in general, they need lots of sun.

According to Amazon Q&A, it comes with radish sprouts and wheat grass seeds.

For those who feel this tank is too small for even a single fish, would you mind explaining why? The rule I heard was 1 inch of fish per gallon - at 3 gallons this tank seems like it should be able to house a couple of small fish.

This IS a 3 gallon tank. This is a perfectly sized tank for a Betta. Have you seen what pet stores have them housed in? About the size of a SOLO cup with the cool blue colored water. This is a fish after all. A fish that has a 30 second memory. I do not think his life will be shortened or “unhappy”. If he gets upset just take him out of the aquarium for at least 30 seconds and put him back in. His memory will be reset and hopefully the little bugger will have a better attitude. Some Betta’s can be really ungrateful. This is like moving up to a mansion.
Tetra’s depending on your homes temperature do prefer a little bit warmer water. I would say 77F at the lowest. They would survive but not sure if they would be happy.

I agree, perhaps buying a grow light would help in two ways. If you bought the old incandescent style grow bulb it would also provide heat to the aquarium? Ask me a question I can solve anything!