Pet Grab Bag

Can’t wait to see if this micro-aquarium goes over as well as the previous ones…

Thank you, Woot, for selling treats made in the USA.
I wouldn’t buy Chinese dog treats (except a taste of my fortune cookie).

if you’re getting something on amazon for $25 or more the treats are only $3.95 and ship free.

Any way to get the quantity bumped up to 4 on the Wag More Bark Less dog treats? I’d love to buy one of each flavor.

2 things:

  1. If you want to walk your dog, attached to your bike, buy a DoggerJogger instead.

  2. The Tetra 3 Gallon Half Moon Aquarium SHOULD NOT be used with anything but Betta fish, snails or Ghost/Brine shrimp. And three gallons is WAY TOO SMALL for goldfish.

If you do have betta fish, I’m not sure I’d recommend this. I looked into this tank for mine, but betta fish don’t really require a bubbler and tend to be disturbed by too much motion in the water. Plus, this tank apparently is lidless? Many bettas jump, and they can get some impressive height going.

Agreed - plus, bettas are tropical fish and should have a heater. I cringe at how they are typically kept, especially in those poor little cups at the store :frowning:

Oh, it does appear there is a lid - one could not use the bubbler for a betta and buy a small heater…

I actually have and have used the WalkyDog and in my opinion it works great. I have two huskies, use harnesses and they love it, it lets them pull as well as keeps them under control. While it’s a bit awkward at first, after looking at the doggyjogger video’s it seems less so than it. The doggie jogger doesn’t seem to have anyway of preventing your dog from running into your bike if it’s startled or simply isn’t paying attention.

I can’t make this page work. I’d like to buy a couple.

We are aware that some of you are experiencing ordering problems and we apologize for this. We will let you know as soon as it’s fixed.

It sounds like people are able to order on mobile devices so you might try that if you can.

Some people are also having luck if they clear out their browser’s temp/cache.

I purchased 2 of the tanks last time they were offered. However, one arrived cracked which woot credited me for lightening fast. The other is sitting on a friends desk at work. The bubbler is adjustable and is set to barely a trickle which the betta seems to love. You can turn off the lights as well for night time. The filter also has an adjustable stream. Overall not bad for the cost. Only complaints are the plastic is a little thin, but thats ok if you arent going to move it around much AND the bubbler is a bear to get in there. It wants to float. Make sure you get it in and have rocks on it before adding water.

Those shock collars are AWFUL, I can’t believe Woot is selling a product like shock collars.

I mean, just reading the instructions… “If your dog vocalizes, use a lower level of correction”. If anything makes my dog yelp or cry, I’m pretty sure I DON’T want to use it at all.

Anyway, that aside… I kind of want one of those DNA tests for my mutt, but I think I’ll wait on it. Thanks anyway for bringing back more pet stuff, Woot. Hopefully next time it’ll be more humane items for dogs.

I was extremely skeptical, but it works nicely. I tried it out, before I bought it and my dog did amazing, with it. The salesman offered to take my dog for a run, first, so I got to watch it in action.

Here is my dog, with me, testing it out.

You’re correct. My fault!

On that note, I have seen quite a few small tanks sold for Bettas that didn’t have lids. My first thought was about them jumping out, too.

Then again, people buy fish bowls for goldfish. :angry:

Shock collars???


Just when I thought my opinion of Wootazon couldn’t get any lower, you find a way to make it possible.

“I don’t wanna posion my dog with Chinese treats - but I’ve got no issue shocking the piss out of him!!”

I have a WalkyDog as well. The DogJogger looks interesting, and I like the no-hardware-on-the-bike aspect, but what I don’t see is anything preventing the dog from colliding with the bike. The WalkyDog keeps my hyper monster a more-or-less constant distance from the bike, so when a squirrel or a rabbit shows up on the opposite side of the bike, he doesn’t forget himself and crash into the bike. I and my dog are big fans of the WalkyDog.

The DNA text works great. When I bought my dog as a puppy, I was told she was a beagle mix. Everyone I talked to thought she looked like a dalmatian. Sure enough, the DNA results revealed she was half beagle, one quarter dalmatian, and one quarter mutt. It even broke down the mutt portion into several other breeds and told me the percentages.