Water Garden Self-Cleaning Fish Tank

If your house is temperature controlled to a normal 72-76 degrees the tank will be plenty warm for a betta. The pump will add slight amount of head and the plants act as a lid and insulator.

Also no where did I read that this tank was self sufficient. It just says self cleaning and for one betta it will have no problem cleaning the water. It is also big enough for one Betta to live perfectly fine. Hell if you ever look at what betta’s are kept in at pet stores you would know this is a mansion.

Not to mention the whole point of this is to grow plants not to be the best fish tank ever. So if you are looking for a low maintenance indoor herb garden and want a betta go for it.

Only if you have a good enough AC to keep your house below 50 degrees.

If you want to have one Betta in the kitchen and grow some herbs this is exactly the solution you need. I cant say much for the price as looks like fab.com has the same thing for $60 and 5.99 shipping. But to say this wont work is wrong as you can see in the video review posted that it does work for what it was designed, Herbs and one Betta.

Fab has the older version that is discontinued. Our is the updated version.

“The beautifully redesigned Deluxe Water Garden comes with three large grow-beds with twice the growing space as our original model. Our sleek new design improves water circulation and filtering, while making the tank easy to set up and access. For continued growing and harvesting, the Deluxe Water Garden now comes with a 2-month supply of seeds.”

Hi there! This is Reid from Back to the Roots.

I really appreciate the comments in this discussion so far, and I agree with a lot of what has been said so far. Like any decision to get a pet, it should be properly researched. We have a ton of tips over on our website under the FAQ at backtotheroots.com

We absolutely do not recommend using goldfish for the exact reasons listed in this comment. We recommend bettas for the reasons in this post.

Because the Water Garden comes with nitrifying bacteria that immediately begins to convert the ammonia into nitrites and nitrates (plant food), it’s important to limit water changes unless you add more of the Zymbac (included) to the tank.

After initial setup, the water may be cloudy for a few days, but it does clear up on its own in a few days. To help prevent algae, there are two things you can do. 1. Add a backing to the tank (think like a wallpaper for the fish!) to prevent direct sunlight from reaching the water, and 2. an aquatic snail will also eat algae.

Removing water will remove beneficial bacteria that keeps the water safe for your fish.

Another misconception I have seen in the thread is that the system is entirely self-contained. You must feed the fish, and food is included with the Water Garden.

Like most aquariums, it is a blank slate to build a home for your fish. We found during our research that bettas like having places to hide. Consider adding something like a fake log or other aquarium decorations for your betta to use for shelter!

I really do love that everyone is taking the time to research and ask very important questions!

If you have any more questions, feel free to shoot us a note at contact [at] backtotheroots [dot] com or give us a call at 510-922-9758 x1.

Hi there! Reid from Back to the Roots again! We add heaters to our tanks all the time. There is room for the cord underneath the lid in the same place as the pump cord.

Thank you for bringing this up!

BTTR Reid reporting!

Here is the link to our FAQ with great information on how to take care of your new Betta!

Water Garden FAQ!

Bought one of these two years ago for $50 bucks on Amazon…was cool for awhile but it turns into a pain between plantings if you end up harvesting all at once as the water gets gross very quickly and you end up changing it all the time…

On the right side you can drop it through the feeding hole. But the electric wire keeps the hole from closing. After a mystery snail went up the cable to go to his death when I was gone for a week, I put a small flashlight (any small object to make it where the fish or snail escape. Heater is a must.

Hi there! With the new design, there is plenty of room for the cord without having to go through the feeding hole :slight_smile:

Over 50 years of fish keeping experience here, including many years of breeding bettas. Don’t buy this for a betta (pronounced bet-uh not bay-tuh - beta is a greek word, not the same). In spite of the comments above, they will not live in this tank in a typical kitchen/home without a heater. A typical home with a winter temperature of 70-72 degrees results in a tank temperature of 66-70 degrees. Bettas like 80 degree water (the temperature where they will breed), and won’t survive long under 75 degrees. Clean water is important to them - but they have a labyrinth organ that allows them to breathe directly from the air. Yes, natively they live in mud puddles during dry months. But it doesn’t mean that’s the right environment for them. Buy a product specifically made for bettas, and by all means, make sure that you have a heater. No, no other fish will live for long in this tiny bowl.