Foiled Again!



*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

Once you get your shirt, why don’t you post a pic?



The red skull meets nick fury meets dr. doooom!!!




but not white and i no tango dinero…


Amazing, got one!


Grats Andrew for getting a print, but this is definitely not for me.


love it but not going to buy it.



Did Destro and Cobra Commander have a love child?


Almost got this one, but the red lettering just distracts me. Really cool though.


excepting the text I like it…c’mon he’s got an eyepatch, put an “R” in there


wow, i really like this, but even if i had the money i still don’t think i’d be in for any. very cool though. i think another design that would work better as a poster than a shirt.


I’m sorry, but the image tells no story. It expresses rage, I guess, but it DEFINITELY doesn’t go into the detail of the description. The guy could have just bought a super-wide TV and found out that 1/3 of the pixels were flashing random psychedelic colors for all we know.



^ hahahha thats a great way to think about this shirt…


That’s the allure and mystique of this shirt though. What has happened to this villain that is making him cry out in agony “AAAGH!”?


This shirt is pretty damn awesome,
and also super 90s.


It was most definitely the pixelzzzzzzz!

It was also one less pixel required to be flashing for warranty too, so he is stuck with it! :>/


I’m completely in love with this. Dastardly, indeed.


after reading the description, i feel an overwhelming sympathy for supervillains. if this stays in the reckoning long enough i may just buy it. poor little fella. blast those do-gooders.


Ah the heck with it, I’m supposed to get my direct deposit a day early so if the money is there tomorrow I’ll probably get it just to look weird and then see what people will come up with.


Punch it and say UPS did it. Because they probably did.