Folding Polywood Adirondack Chair - Your Choice

Anybody know about the comfort and quality of these chairs?


“Limit 3 per customer” … on a set of chairs?.. come on guys… has some reviews

That’s not the same product. The one you linked is for one made from wood.

I think the link below is for the same one on woot but unfortunately no reviews.

you’re right. my bad.

From the photos it appears that each different-colored chair has a slightly different design (shape of front piece below the seat, curved or straight back). Are the ones shipped all identical (except for color) and, if so, which design do they match. (I would definitely prefer the curved back!)

Does anyone know if the hardware thats used is stainless steel?

Why are the pictured white and black chairs a different shape at the back of the knee? They’re flat as opposed to the sand and brown colored chairs which jut out a bit and are rounded. Is what’s picture what you’ll get for each color?