For Pet's Sake: Hide Your Pets

how big are these beds??? what are the specs?

The sizes are on the specs tab of each. Click on the one you’re interested in. The Specs tab is under the photographs.


I am with the manufacturer of the pet beds and will be able to answer any questions you have.


Are the covers removable and machine washable?

Yes, all of the True Timber Pet Beds have removable covers and are machine washable.

We have two of the sleeper sofas in a different color. I bought one for our Doberman that we adopted in November at Sam’s. We use it in place of a crate liner in his 48 inch x-large crate. He was horrible about crating and when we switched the beds out, he started going right in! (Seriously, true story!)

We adopted a Collie in January. Sam’s didn’t have these beds anymore, but they popped up on woot, so I order a second one for him.

Both boys love these beds and both lean into the backrest on them to relax. I’m sure they make an awesome regular bed, but they are really fantastic as crate liners.

I’ve washed the covers several time on both beds (one of our guys got sick in his crate recently) and they seem to be holding up. There is some staining on the inner foam even just from their body oils. I wish there was a waterproof layer around the foam, but it washes fairly well. Both boys have pulled the tags off the bed, but the chewing and pulling didn’t seem to damage the integrity of the seaming. If I ever gave them a new one, I’d cut the tag of just to prevent that.

When they get shipped from woot, the foam is rolled up in a plastic sleeve (similar to when you buy a memory foam bed topper) and you have to put the cover on over the foam. I don’t remember seeing instructions to do it (maybe there was), but I did let it lay out overnight and air out any fumes from the foam like you are supposed to do for human stuff.

I am actually considering ordering another two of these as backup for each of them in case they decide to rip them up or they start to fall apart.

Wish they offered a larger size. I already have a decent dog crate that’s the same as the largest offered here. However, the Shiloh Shepherd puppy I just adopted (and is being trained with the help of a Service Dog Organization to help with my spine injuries and PTSD) is likely to be 110-130 lbs. Chances are, he’ll outgrow his crate within a year (he’s 16 weeks old and over 40 lbs now, with paws already as big as those of a 100 lbs dog). Fortunately, as a service dog he will be able to be with me for travel, rather than crated, but there may still be other things that DO require crating… not to mention the fact that he sees his crate as his “den.”

I badly want to get the largest of these, but won’t, knowing that it wouldn’t be an investment that Galen won’t outgrow.

I would say it would depend on how tall he gets. My bigger dog is an 80lb doberman. It is plenty big for him and he has room. Another option for you, my inlaws have a 140lb dane and they got him a crib mattress. He has one for his crate (he has a 2XL crate which is a little longer and considerably taller than the XL crate that petsmart carries) and another at the foot of their bed. They are nice because crib mattresses have waterproof exteriors and you can just buy fitted sheets for them and wash them regularly. Most crib mattresses are 51-53 inches so they are 3-5 inches longer than the biggest bed. They are a little wider as well. Hope that helps. My boys really do love the bolster area to lean into though and the memory foam is nice on their joints, so if he isn’t going to end up that tall, I’d probably go with the bed.