Free To Go

Navi says: Hey! Listen! Party at the jar tonight!

I thought Ochopika was a girl?

Like the shirt. (And I love the Makin’ Bread I randomed.)

I really love the minimalistic nature of this shirt. It makes the fireflies pop at out you and help create the night time scene.

I asked my wife, and she said this is a truly an “Awwwwww” inspiring design.

Great job Ochopika!

Please enjoy the soundtrack to tonight’s lovely Ochopika creation!

This is cute but it would have been awesome if it was glow in the dark.

That was nice whoever punched holes in the lid. Ultimately though, it probably helped in the escape.


Ha! First Joss Whedon’s Firefly reference!

Is having Serenity listed on Deals.woot just by chance that its the same days as this shirt?

One of my favorites from that derby. Congrats Ocho!

Got a link to one that will play on ALL devices?

Too bad the flies don’t GLOW!

I like this shirt. But I’m old and tired and not exactly sure I want another woot shirt. This is certainly a strange point in my life. How can one not want a woot shirt?

At a glance of the thumbnail, I thought it was a flOw design… now I’m just a little disappointed.

I think I’m annoyed that I immediately thought of Owl City like the others. It’s like the Postal Service. But for toddlers.

please bring back the kittytron shirt! it’s my absolute favorite, but definately has seen better days. It’s my birthday…hint…hint (well technically it was 6/1 but i worked all day and just got off, so in lindaland it’s still my bday :slight_smile:

congratulations to ochopika for winning the derby!

They are not free to go… the Jar actually contains a gravitational singularity, and is pulling them into certain death…

In case you were wondering.

the woot mgmt just doesn’t seem to be on game like they used to be.
Either they’re not thinking or when they got taken over by Amazon they lost their spark and got corporate.
Not watching their customers or what will bring them a little extra.

AHEM! I believe THIS is THE song to be listening to while wearing this shirt!

Listen to the lyrics if you need an argument ;).

Have no fear THIS song is here to the rescue for the adults! :slight_smile: (I actually like Owl City as well, but nothing beats good old fashioned blues!)

Thank you, thank you, for making my day!