Frost Cutlery 13 Piece Kitchen Cutlery Set

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Frost Cutlery 13 Piece Kitchen Cutlery Set
$9.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product: 1 Frost Cutlery KK-2038 13 Piece Kitchen Cutlery Set

It seems like that fan design wouldn’t be very efficient in terms of wall space in a kitchen?

Probably isn’t that bad… I’m sure you can push it against the wall, and have something in front of it (like salt/pepper)

Agreed. I don’t have a large kitchen, so a design like this would make the throw the block away. Add in the fact that a $10 knife set screams poor quality (though I could be wrong, I didn’t bother to google this).

do not buy, Frost Cutlery is one of the crappiest brands out there, u probably see them late at night on infomercials selling 100 pocket knives for 200 bucks, do not buy they make cheap stuff that does not last!

I guess Woot listened to all the folks who wouldn’t pay $260 for a fantastic set of Shun knives and dug out this cr**ap one for $10. Good luck, cheapskates, and as you’re applying those band-aids, remember: You get what you pay for.

If I did this right these are the ones on the Frost site

They sell you them for 17 bucks but says retail is like 40.

I believe that frost buys other brands and sells them under there name so these might not even be frost blades (if they even make any)

hope that helps

Woot has turned into those Rednecks from Tenn. that scream and stab slabs of tree trunks at 2 am in the morning. “When you hear the Frost Cutlery, think Redneck”.

Would be cool for someone who is like “starting out” aye?

Eh, call me a sucker, but all I really want is a hunk of steel, reasonably thin, with a handle attached. I understand that nicer knives hold their edges longer, and don’t bend as easily, but better knives are not going to make you a better cook. Nor is it that hard to sharpen a knife (even a cheap one) to a razor edge, if you practice a little. Whenever I see someone who’s not a professional chef with a 300 dollar knife set, I really have to wonder how much use their getting out of their “super-nice” set.

Just my 2 cents.

I’m kinda thinking along the same lines… cheap, despite the full tang and included pair of kitchen shears… I got a $30 set from a local store that was going out of business for $10 and feel that $10 is how much they shoulda charged for 'em… Pass for me. Good starter set I suppose especially if you don’t cook very often. I keep my block on top of the fridge to preserve precious counter space.

In for 3 as I have way too much counter space

I was using this Farberware paring knife up until a few days ago, when while I was cutting into a piece of cheese, the handle snapped. That’s what I got for buying a cheap knife … yet I have a feeling that shouldn’t be an issue with these knives. I DID buy the Shuns, and I have enjoyed them immensely so far, but the dude is right … they don’t make you a better chef. Cutting tomatoes, on the other hand, is practically effortless.

But remember, it isn’t only the knife, but also the cutting surface. A wooden or poly cutting board allows the knife’s edge to travel past the fruit or veggie, affording a cleaner cut no matter WHAT knife you use! BUT! For God’s sake, don’t use a serrated edge on a cutting board!

All that said, I cannot stand the fan shape of this block. -___-,

A quality tool can help you improve your craft. A good knife will make you a better chef, unless your menu consists of items that go from freezer to microwave.

I love my Shuns, I was even asked to bring one to Christmas dinner so I could carve the turkey.

I’d buy this Woot - for the block.

Litetime warranty, I wonder if they’ve honored this warranty so far and how long this company has been in business for. It’s tempting for a first set of knives as cheap as they are. I have a set that are no-name brand type and I hav eno idea how well they’ll work, but this at least has a block and if it’s crappy then I’ll get a better set later, that’s my figuring anyway.

Do you like lockjaw with your Christmas turkey? Because that’s what you’ll get if you cut with these knives. Stainless steel my foot. It might be, but it rusts like pig iron. What’s worse, the scissors are such crap that I couldn’t cut a McDonald’s straw with it. Then I tried them on a piece of paper. PAPER. I had to hack at the paper three times before I got a messy slice out of it.

oh also, I went to Macys and found a 9 piece Wolfgang Puck knife set. Nice and heavily weighted knives. $29.00 – it’s worth the investment. Shoot, the $9 Faberware knives at WalMart are 10x better than this utter crap

Ummm…Why would you buy a woodblock? You’re not seriously thinking of putting knives that weren’t made for that wood block in that wood block? Are you? Really? Wow. You want a dull edge, put knives in a block they weren’t made for…

I hope you know that lockjaw has absolutely nothing to do with rust or the quality or make up of knives, nails, etc.