Gård Vintners Washington Whites (6)

Gård Vintners Washington Mixed Whites 6-Pack
$79.99 + Summer shipping
(Normal Price = $108.00) 26% off List Price

2009 Columbia Valley Pinot Gris 750ml 2-Pack
2009 Lawrence Vineyard Altruism Riesling 750ml 2-Pack
2009 Columbia Valley Dry Riesling 750ml 2-Pack
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Previous Offer:
4/3/12 (2009 Altruism Riesling in offer with 3 other whites)

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Bought these during a wootoff one time. Was pleasantly surprised by how good they are.

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Did anyone else notice the free shipping?

But when you go to check out, even though you select the free shipping option, it still charges you the $5 fee and your total is $84.99

I was in on a previous Gård woot offering. We have been thoroughly enjoying them; generally they are well-crafted and straightforward whites, but with some more subtle components than the ordinary solidly crafted simple whites. Finishes ranged from dry to slightly sweet, all of them nicely balanced between crispness, fruitiness, and sweetness. The slightly sweet are wonderful warm weather wines. They are best drunk no more than moderately chilled - below about 50°F some of the subtle flavors in the profile are lost. It wasn’t until I had some of the bottles at warmer temps that I came to really appreciate these.

My favorite by far was the Freya blend, which is not included in this offer. Also note that some of the vintages in this offer differ from those in the previous woot offering I linked to.

Overall, this is an easy buy for me. I would be in for at least two if I hadn’t just also bought the Triacepedis.

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So would the Altruism make a good multipurpose wine: summer sipping as well as food-pairing?


That offering appears to have been a much better deal than this one, price-wise.

cough Summer Shipping cough

The previous offer was during the cooler months. Just gonna point that out. Also, while two of the wines are the same, the Dry Riesling is different.

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But once you buy something else on one of the Woots, then it’s $0!!! :wink:

Actually, only one is the same. The previous offer was the Altruism PG, not the Lawrence Vineyards PG.

Still shows on the Main Wine.Woot, but when you click on it, it’s missing on the Buy One page.

It’s gone now. It wasn’t updating due to the same whatever problem was causing the discussion thread link to not post. Gremlins.

I didn’t make specific mental notes on the offerings except for the Freya. We are not extremely picky about wine pairings much beyond the basics of matching reds and whites, and mostly we drink whites with fish and shellfish. In that vein all I can offer regarding the altruism is that it must have been at least a decent match or I would have made a mental note otherwise.

Beyond that the best I can offer is to pay attention to the overall dryness of the wine in deciding about whether one of them might make a good summer deck wine and as to how it might pare with various food options. If you think some sweetness will be out of the place with the dinner then stick with a fully dry wine. But that advice isn’t specific to this wine.

I got the previous offer of a case from Gård and here’s my take:

The altruism Riesling is a simple wine, semi sweet. Typical low to mid end Riesling noting special but pleasant

I did not like the altruism Pinot Gris at all, not enough concentration of flavor, mine was like water. That being said, this is not the altruism but rather a vineyard designate which is hopefully better.

The dry riesling was FANTASTIC. One of the more complex whites I have had the pleasure of enjoying. The case had the previous year but I’d expect them to be similar.

I hope this helps.

As I started typing this, I realized that it may not be all that helpful at all. I also purchased the case offering previously. So far I have only tried the Riesling (which is not the same one offered here) and the Freyja, which is not offered here at all. These were both good wines and worth the price paid then ($9/btl). The Riesling wasn’t my favorite Riesling but was pleasant enough and didn’t appear to have any major flaws, I was just hoping for more because I tend to like my wines on the sweeter side. The Freyja was actually very good. The wife and I drank it while in the pool on a 95 degree day and it was quite refreshing. We haven’t tried the Dry Riesling or the PG, but I am looking forward to the Dry Riesling (not a big fan of PG).

Though this is a slightly different offering, and does have some Vinyard designate wines, you can expect some decent wines. I wouldn’t expect any of these to blow you away, but they shouldn’t disappoint either. I know they are different, and summer shipping is in effect, but the increase from $8.75 to $13.33 per bottle on the offering seems a little steep for me. It is still a decent deal, just not as good of a QPR as the last offering.