G Debbas Chocolate Valentines Truffles

G Debbas Chocolate Valentines Truffles
$24.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Romantic
1 Twelve Piece G Dabbas Signature Truffles
1 Thirteen Piece Heart Shaped Truffles

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This ships to all states and you don’t have to be 21 to order.

Will I get these by Valentines Day?

Vegan? Vegetarian? Lactose-free? Gluten-free?

I do not know the quality or taste of these chocolates, but they probably are not as good as these:

or any thing by http://www.vosgeschocolate.com/

Or anything by http://www.fanniemay.com/

the flavors on the non-heart box sound very intriguing…i’m going to woot one and see what happens!

Only the ones that are lactose free are the dark chocolate bonbons as technically dark chocolate should be be made only from the cocoa bean with only a little bit of vanilla added.

Chocolate is also gluten free and the filling should also be vegetarian, but I do not know about being vegan.

there are three or four offerings from vosges that i consider unparalleled, but for the most part, i really don’t like the aftertaste of katrina’s chocolate–the chocolate toffee products were especially disappointing.

No fanny may is too waxy for my tastes.

Can’t speak for the heart shaped box, but the regular says 4 ounces. For perspective, a Lindt Lindor truffle pack is a little over 5 ounces and cost just under $3. So I guess it depends how good these are as to whether this is a good buy…

Yes! Delivery will be by Valentines Day.

BTSB George

Do you actually have to be 21 to buy/receive these like the Buy page says or am I missing something? Also, is APO/FPO shipping allowed?

mmmm chocolatey goodness
I must test a box for me
then one for thee
then one more for me, just to be safe!

Therefore in for 3! Yeah for me and thee!

Really? So you live in the Chicago land area too because thats the only place they sell them, and i doubt you’ve been to their website to order them.

I can’t comment exactly on these truffles, but I did buy the wine filled truffles woot offered before Christmas and I can attest that they were rather delicious and I’d suggest picking these up if you have a truffle lover to buy for.

Vosges is great everybody, that is why I recommended them, however I have found that all those wonderful and expensive sounding flavors they have are mainly lost in the flavor of the chocolate and the chocolate ganache filling.

Oh yeah, Wooting these for Valentine’s Day. Heart-shaped ones for the hubby and the interestingly flavored ones for me. Can’t wait! :smiley:

I’ve had Guy Debbas’ chocolates several times over the years. My mother used to buy the wine-filled chocolates and some of his other chocolates every holiday season.

His various chocolates and chocolate truffles are… awesome.

On a side note, here’s a brief summary of his story from his website. Mr. Debbas has been through much, and I wish him much success in his endeavors.


No I live in Southern California, and yes I’ve had fanny may people have given them to me and I equate them to See’s candies.