Guy Debbas Wine Filled Chocolate (36)

Guy Debbas Wine Filled Chocolate 36-Pieces
$29.99 (Normally $72.00) 58% off List Price
(2) Guy Debbas Chardonnay Filled Chocolate, 6-Pieces
(2) Guy Debbas Cabernet Filled Chocolate, 6-Pieces
(2) Guy Debbas Champagne Filled Chocolate, 6-Pieces


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I take it that kiddos shouldn’t have these?

I think I remember getting drunk on these. I starved myself beforehand though. Drain the wine and give it to the kids if you have enough discipline not to eat them…

I can’t believe they wasted these just to take a photo of them. SACRILEGE!

Check out all the awards they have won!

Mmmm. Sprinkle a little salt on them and …
Salty Chocolate Balls!

So if I get these, and then place my newly acquired balls in my girlfriend’s mouth, will she agree they are the second most amazing thing she has put in her mouth?

More seriously, I am a Neuhaus kind of guy, but when it really matters, Wittamer is my go to chocolatier with Pierre Marcolini a close second.

In for 3 anyway. SIWBM broken. Arrrggghhhh.

Don’t forget to take a picture and post your balls on instagram.

Oh good grief. This will be a modding nightmare. Please keep the comments PG-13.

Hey you guys picked the item, not us!
And we’re still giddy from the wootoff.

Dear god, you guys are killing me with these jokes lol.

Poor ThunderThighs. Maybe Woot needs to send you some wine filled chocolates as consolation.

Good luck with that. >:-)

[This comment has been removed before the moderators could get to it] Love you TT

Oh and for my husband up there…

Chocolate, Wine, and Balls, all favorite things that go very well together :tongue:

How do these compare to Schwetty’s?

At least it doesn’t plug in to USB.

On topic mmmmmmmmm

How will these be shipped? I have a grandma whose only joys in life right now are chocolates and booze, so I’m thinking these would cheer her up immensely, but she’s in Florida. Will they melt?

I bet they’ll survive. I’m in FL and order delicious nummy chocolates from Woot quite often. We’ve actually cooled off a teeny bit in my neck of the peninsula.

Mmm, good, good, good!

But the party is not over, so now I am going to get me some of those Cherry Liqueur Chocolates and some of the Golden Rum Chocolates, some of Advocaat Chocolates, and of course some of Liqueurs & Vodka chocolate candies. See yea soon.

Darn, I must be giddy already. Where on the earth is the
Can’t find it!