Galaxy S9 Dual-Sim Smartphone (Factory Unlocked)

Galaxy S9 Dual-Sim Smartphone (Factory Unlocked)

Is Is is this a new phone?

The condition is listed as “new” if that’s what you’re asking. :slightly_smiling_face:

Why only a 90 day warranty on a new phone?

I’m not in a position to answer that, as I can’t officially speak for what Woot does, but it’s possible that Woot is helping Amazon to offload some of their inventory, which is why Woot is offering a 90 day warranty instead of mentioning a Samsung warranty.

(This has been the case for other listings in the past.)

There is an option to get a 2 year warranty from Square Trade though…

Is this the SnapDragon 845?

I think this is the European version of the phone so the Samsung warranty is not valid in the United States.

G960U is the US model, and the one that has the rural friendly band 71. It’s tempting but I wanted to get a phone with band 71 if I’m upgrading from an S7. Amazon had the G960U on Prime Day for $350. This is a great deal though, and a rare new phone Woot has available.

Based on the model number, this appears to be the China model. Does anyone know if it’s region locked?

In case you don’t know what that is: Samsung region lock: what is it and how do you get rid of it? - Coolblue - anything for a smile

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4 GB RAM on a samsung is a joke

The majority of products that are sold on Woot that are electronics are factory refurbished. I can’t say for sure that this phone has been refurbished.

I can, this sold-out phone was listed as new. Definitely not refurbished.

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They’re back! Thanks Woot! $300 is a crazy good deal on a NEW dual-sim S9.

(Woot usually offers Samsung Galaxy S9 GSM Only Scratch & Dent refurbs for $330 to $390. - source

Since I dropped my S8 down at the pool (twice, crap, I know) I’ve been looking for a new phone. I’ll probably get a case for this one BEFORE I drop it, eh? Good idea right?


I got my new phone in the mail today! It’s for the South American market apparently. It defaulted to Spanish, with a Spanish keyboard when first powered on. Easy enough to switch to American English. I’ve got it all charged up and am doing updates over wi-fi. I tried to use my Virgin Mobile CDMA “sim card” (CDMA doesn’t use sim cards in the usual sense, but have them to hold information) but of course it didn’t know how to connect and put itself into roaming mode. But I have a new sim card coming from Mint mobile this Monday. I’ve been waffling but I’m going to port my current number from Virgin Mobile to Mint at that time. I have had multiple phone numbers before but it seems once the numbers get out, people just call each number, in turn, back and forth so I may as well keep it simple with just one number. Virgin Mobile has been a little janky for me lately anyway.

Boy this thing has a lot of updates. It seems to be walking back through the months installing security patches. I suppose that’s a good thing :smiley:

Back to the phone. WHAT A GREAT DEAL!! I had hopes it would be the retail boxed version and wasn’t let down. It came in a nice box, with lots of accessories. Even has a clear flexible rubber back case! Plus earbuds (with extra pads) a plug-in charger and USB to C cord. It even has a little pointy tool to eject the sim tray. A quick start guide and a 1 year warranty card that doesn’t list the US as covered LOL. The US is not even mentioned.

If you have any questions I’ll try to answer, but then again, these particular phones may not every come back for sale. So far I’m a very happy camper, Woot.


Yeah; quite a few OEMs work that way.

It’s updated to Android 9, and the security patches are all done. Not too many junk apps. I’m not used to that lol. I’ve got that stupid flipboard and facebook disabled now. It’s got some Samsung apps but not too many it looks like. I’ve never had a clean OEM phone before.

BTW, I don’t want to give the wrong impression. This phone will work on a CDMA network, it’s just that I would need to alert my CDMA provider to the new phone and they would have to set it up because CDMA networks keep the phone information on their servers… Since I’m bailing on my CDMA provider, I didn’t do that step.