George Foreman Jumbo-Sized Countertop Grill

So are mine, though most that go through are worn ones. I do buy the occasional new ones that go through AND reasonably priced, however.

FWIW, this is priced less than what I’ve seen some priced at. Not all of them know what they’re worth, hence how I bought a bare Roomba for $5 one week, and the next week, another is priced at $50.

I too also wooted this one. Although I was worried about the non-adjustable temperature and the lack of removable plates, I finally ended up realizing I wouldn’t even know what to do with the adjustable thermostat, most of the time I just toss a grill cheese sandwich, maybe an occasional burger, mostly sandwiches though. I am thinking about picking up those sponges, sure it seems like a waste but for $9, a special 3-pack of sponges might not be so bad.

My mom bought one of these years ago. Nothing like burgers that are burned black on the outside and raw on the inside.

previous woot!

10 bucks more

I have never, ever been close to burning anything on one of these grills. Really burnt?
We put frozen Costco 1/3 lb burgers right on the grill with seasoning, close it, time it for 4 minutes and it is done perfect all the way through. My husband hates pink in the middle (no snarky comments) but I do, so I take mine off a little early.

14" wide is understandable and acceptable, but 14" deep is monstrously large. My counters are only 24" deep!

My roommate had one in college and I agree with you casalinda, frozen patties on these things cooks them great, I’ve never burnt anything (save once from neglect) and clean up is a breeze if you clean when hot/warm. I’m glad I caught this on woot today, I was going to go out and shop around for one anyway :slight_smile:

cleaning these is a P.I.T.A.!!

I just got one of these a month ago, its horribly cheaply made. I refuse to use it, such a piece of junk. The lines where the metal and plastic meet don’t even match up. There is something rattling around inside but Woot wont take it back. I had a small George Foreman grill before that was made much better and had removable plates for easy cleaning. There are other companies who make these same grills at much better quality. Don’t buy this one!

These are great if you’re a Midwesterner who loves dry, flavorless, ghastly gray “hamburgers” that have been slow-cooked into shoe leather. For anyone else, it doesn’t get hot enough for a good sear and all of the grease falling out the end is a pretty serious design flaw.

It IS easy to clean, though. Might be just the thing if you love grilled cheese sandwiches but are too lazy to use the range and terrified of microwave ovens.

lol tats not cool cooking

A George Foreman isn’t going to rock your culinary world, but they’re great tools to have around for quick meals. I’ll always associate mine with my college eating habits, but a grill like this one could be very useful to everyone but the most dedicated chefs (the ones who can’t stand spending less than an hour on dinner; I know they’re out there).

This seems like the perfect size for a GF, but if I was going to buy another one I’d probably spend a few extra bucks on adjustable heat and removable plates. Neither would be a deal-breaker on a bargain-priced grill, though.

Grandmother gave me one for Christmas last year. She probably paid twice that. Just a heads up, in case you were wondering… The grill has an awful manufacturing smell while in use. It goes away after about 3 dozen uses.

I don’t think the size is an issue, just scoot it under your bed after use. :wink:

Besides, you wouldn’t bring your outdoor grill into the kitchen, would you? It’s at list more compact than that. It’s just as much a pain in the rear as a griddle. Awkward and no simple place to store it.

@jfe- I have an older model and it makes paninis very nicely.

Clean up IS a breeze with these grills. Just put a wet dishrag or paper towel on the grill after you take your food off. Then, when you are done eating, the steam and heat have loosened up all the ‘bits’ that were stuck to the grill. If you do have some stubborn bits, just use a nylon scrubber and that usually takes care of the rest.

I put in long days at work and have a one way hour commute, so this thing is a lifesaver for me when I get home. Chicken breasts, burgers, and I have even done a grilled cheese sandwich on mine and I have had no problems.

I usually coat my chicken breast with olive oil and sprinkle on some type of herb seasoning before putting them on the grill. Yum!

Love mine, I cook bacon on it a good bit and it is so much easier to clean than a pan and you don’t have to dump the grease every few minutes. Mine does not even make it to the cabinets as easy breakfasts for school kids are a snap, grilled cheese, sausage links from frozen, grilled ham and cheese, not to mention the quick chicken breasts for those nights when we have football practice and such. Easy to carry on quick trips to the beach condo too. Cooking for kids is great on this.

Yeah, don’t plug it in and start typing!

I cooked a box of Mrs. T’s Pierogies on a Breadman panini press that looks suspiciously similar to this. (Products like this are often just re-branded)

The pierogies cooked great. These grills are suprisingly versatile for what they are. If I didn’t have the panini press and a kitchen full of kitchen gear*, I’d buy this instantly.

*Seriously, name something. Anything. Chances are that I’ve got something comparable in my kitchen.

Its 2 Dollars more at Wal mart. Not much in savings. Non removable Grill plates a deal Breaker for me.