Gerber Multi-Tools

A good multitool is essential - do you have one? Do you have one of these?

These are similarly priced or lower on Amazon. Your 37-45% off is terribly misleading.

As multi-tools go, Gerber is the best combination of comfort and quality. If I could justify it, I’d buy one of these. I already have a couple though. Leatherman is the common one, but if you use the pliers often, it’ll cut up your hand. Gerber is much better for pliers use and the steel is typically a little better quality. At least that’s been my experience.

I’ve used the 600 bluntnose for years. Good quality and is a really handy alternative when access to a tool box is problematic. The only negative I can give is that I deformed the wire cutter blade when I (stupidly) used it to cut nails. I was able to file it back to a usable cutter.

Just another opinion but if you are looking for a high-quality multi-tool, Gerber should be the brand that you look at.

I’ve used many over the years and never understood why anyone would put up with dulling blades or breaking tools of the inferior copycats. Gerber really knows what they are doing - the lock to hold the deployed tool in place is critical in some cases, and not every multi-tool has that.

For my money, you can’t buy a better addition to your kit than one of these tools - it won’t let you down.

Thinking you’d maybe rather defuse the bomb than diffuse it . . . .

I think a blunt nose picture got into the needlenose multi-tool pictures.

Dang it woot left out the only tool I wanted from gerber, the gerber dime. Thats a same.

Good catch. I sent it off to the photo team for fixing. Thanks!

EDIT: And it’s fixed. Thanks again!

I’ve worn the needlenose multi tool for over 20 years. I don’t leave home without my trusty Gerber. This is only my second one. Only because I lost my original one otherwise it’d be still going strong. My job is technical in nature and I use it on and off the job several times a week.

Gerber multi-tools are great! I have one on my hip right now (equivalent of the Pro Scout Needlenose) and use it daily at work.

That said - these prices do not appear to be anything special.

Having had the 600 black bluntnose, I wouldn’t buy anotherone. They may be backed by a lifetime warranty but as long as you leave it in the drawer and never use it, you won’t void it. Both flat head tips broke off. Phillps head wore down to nothing with very little use. Primary blade broke, file broke. The ONLY thing that still is functional is the pliers. When I asked about these issues and how the joints were also loose, I was told those are not covered under warranty.Well, so much for holding up to military specs. I can find something like this at the dollar store that will work just a s well. Maybe they should take a lesson from Craftsman tools (Sears). It gets replaced no matter what is wrong with it. Just pay S&H. I replaced it with a leatherman instead. Much better product.

My brother got me one of these years ago and it is still going strong. I never knew what the style was called until now.

The only down side they have is the seperate attachment bits don’t lock in solid. They wobble which drives me a little crazy. But that is the only thing I can say bad about them.

I have one of these myself. One interesting feature is that the pliers can be opened one-handed. Just give the closed unit a solid flick of the wrist, and they slide out and lock into place, something that would probably get them banned from umpteen states if it was a knife.

This woot sold out before I got a chance to read the email, only SIX hours after it was sent out. Sad and weak.

Sorry about that. We obviously didn’t predict they’d be that popular when the email was scheduled to go out.

Well damn, I just woke up this morning, read the e-mail and yea… Sold out :frowning: Sucks to be in the wrong timezone

I was really looking forward to find a deal on these for a while, i’ve been looking to replace my military issued broken M-600

Is this some kind of torture? Sold out before I even got a chance to see the sale, then leave it up for 3 days with the “SOLD OUT” banner flashing in neon just to twist the multitool knife in my belly.

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