Gillette Fusion Power Razor Refill 8 Pack

Gillette Fusion Power Razor Refill 8 Pack

For some reason there are a lot of people on the SlickDeals site that believe these will be counterfeit. I personally don’t believe that but Woot is missing a big opportunity to get new customers because of people scaring others away over there.

Yep. I was one of the people that got scared. I can’t cancel the order anymore, but will probably file a return and complaint if they are indeed fake.

Can someone on Woot confirm these are real? I would buy some but want to make sure they are real before I do. Several of the reviews from Amazon say these are counterfeit.

Oftentimes I find that reviews on Amazon about fake products are from people who buy from 3rd party sellers. In my experience you have nothing to worry about by buying from Woot. If you have any trouble with the item you receive they will take care of you.

Paging @ThunderThighs in case you want an official response which I’m sure you do.

To the best of our knowledge, these are genuine product. The older Amazon reviews about incorrect cartridges could have been from 3rd party sellers and likely resolved by now. However, if you’re unhappy with the product when you get it, reach out to Woot customer service.

It’s Woot. I trust them more than the mothership sometimes. One time I did contact customer service for a return they were fantastic. I’m in.

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I ordered 2 of the Gillette Fusion 5’s and was charged for two. I only one of them. when can I expect the other half of my order?

Looks like they shipped separately for some odd reason. They both shipped via Amazon Logistic. I don’t know how to look up tracking info for that though.

Perhaps from different fulfillment centers? I’ve had multiple quantity orders come from different warehouses before.

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I’ve seen the same thing. I’ve ordered 2 of the same item and one came from the same area I live and the other came from waaaay up north. They were only a day or two apart in their arrival time though. I just thought it was extremely odd.

Yup. Still doesn’t make sense. :\

Maybe those fancy AI algorithms could use a little more I.

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